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Nikko Pin Style Jig Code T

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Tai Kabura Slider Style lure made from Nikko’s famous Octopus floating scented skirts.Pin shape/Pearl White colored weight was put in 4.5inch Octopus skirt. The head profile, bulging eyes and suction cups give this bait a highly seductive profile. Floating and soft Octopus skirt material generate a natural rhythmic flowing action which mesmerizes fish. Use with Glow sticks, it attracts fish in deep water where sunlight does not penetrate.
This style enables swimming action over a wide area or a lift and fall action with pin point precision and is especially effective for deep bottom and night feeding fish.

Lure length: 115mm/4.5inch
Lure weight: 110g
Rigged with wire and barbless treble hook
UV Glow in the dark