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Nakazima E-Band

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  • Multipurpose handy binding band!
  • Attach the ring to the binding band used as a fishing fish marker!
  • Lift the fish with one finger, transfer between Ikes and cooler is OK!
  • With repeat function! It is economical because it is removable and can be used over and over again!
  • Long type for blue and large redfish!
  • The 5 color lineup is easy to recognize even in the dark, your fish is obvious!
  • How to use it depends on your ideas! You can use it for various purposes other than fishing.
  • As a fish-fish marker (used by binding to the tail print and gill)
  • As a stringer alternative
  • For binding & transport storage such as rods!
  • Instead of a butt hand to the buttocks!
  • For carrying plastic bottles etc.
  • In addition, to the binding fixation of various articles in the fishing place, in the car, and in the room!
  • Effective tightening width: 15 to 65 mm in diameter
  • Load capacity: about 10 kg