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Hapyson Rechargable Chest Light YF-201

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Super condensing boost About 10000 lx, about 600 lm, about 500 m ahead of the object can be illuminated
Superfluid spreading field of view (about 600 lx, about 200 lm)
Approximately 15% lighter by adopting rechargeable lithium battery
Continuous use for 4 hours of charging once (strong lighting).
It can be used stably even in low temperature in winter
Charge from USB power supply.

【Battery life (Lithium ion battery 2600 mAh)】
Concentrated lighting: about 4.5 hours in a row
Light focus lighting: about 18 hours in a row
Weak lighting: about 110 hours in a row
Double: about 2 hours in a row
Strong scattered lighting: about 4.5 hours in a row
Light scattering weak lighting: about 22 hours in a row
Emergency function: about 60 hours
Marker function: about 2400 consecutive hours
Red lighting: about 52 hours in a row

【Light source】
White high power LED × 2
Red high-intensity LED × 2 (chip together)

【Size】 About 173 × 50 × 87 mm
【Weight】 About 170 g (including batteries)
【Accessory】 1 strap with adjusting pad, USB charging cable