Graphiteleader Veloce UX

Graphiteleader Veloce UX

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The masterpiece Veloce is back in the UX series. 

Equipped with all stainless steel SiC-S rings K guide. 

The best model for the style of the long-distance casting of light rigs using PE line. It has versatile performance that supports hard baits such as spinnerbaits and vibrations from general light rigs to 1 / 2oz.
Power Action Weight
Top Dia
(lb.) / PE (issue)

2.24 M RF 96 115 115 1.7 1.7 2 MAX1 / 2 MAX8 / MAX0.8


Highly elastic carbon is used to realize slender and lightweight blanks with tension. By adopting "graphite cloth LV" for the butt section, the torsional and crushing rigidity is adjusted to the optimum feeling while reducing the weight.


Stainless steel frame SiC-S ring K guide is used for all models. 74X is an all double foot specification.
The 74X is a removable grip that is convenient to carry. A ferrule (reverse parallel connection) is used for the joint part of the 2-piece model. Achieves a smooth bending curve like a dress.
The bait model uses an ECS reel seat (74X is a TCS reel seat), and the spinning model uses a VSS reel seat.
The grip material is EVA, which has high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, and is made into a separate grip to improve operability.