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SIZES- #1.8 & #2.5

Based on the provided information, here's an overview of the Daiwa Emeraldas Light 2 RV, designed for light Eging:

  1. Purpose: The Daiwa Emeraldas Light 2 RV is specifically designed for light Eging, which has become popular for catching squid from shore using light tackle.

  2. Target Species: Aimed at catching various types of squid including Tsutsui squid (Yari squid, Torumei squid, Kensaki squid, Hiika, etc.).

  3. Features:

    • Size and Weight: DEEP1.8 size with a weight of approximately 7.5 grams.
    • Size and Weight: DEEP2.5 size with a weight of approximately 10.5 grams.
    • Fall Speed: Falls at approximately 2.0 seconds per meter, which is designed to attract squid effectively.
    • Color: Luminous - Orange, which is advantageous for night fishing due to its visibility in low light conditions.
  4. Design Details:

    • Specially Designed Sinkers: Each lure is equipped with specially designed sinkers to maintain an optimal position that makes it easier for squid to hold onto.
  5. Hook Quality:

    • Super Sharp Step Hook: The hook is made from high-quality Japanese materials, ensuring a high hooking rate and reliability in catching squid.
  6. Versatility:

    • Multiple Fall Speed Options: By offering squid jigs with different fall speeds, it can adapt to various fishing conditions and depths.
  7. Additional Considerations:

    • Color Rotation: The series includes a variety of luminous colors, which are carefully selected not just for their glow, but also for how they attract squid, enhancing the chances of a successful catch.

Overall, the Daiwa Emeraldas Light 2 RV is designed to meet the specific requirements of light Eging, offering anglers the tools needed to effectively target and catch squid, particularly in nighttime and low light conditions.