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1. A big bait specializing in glide action that ignores winding.
2. Equipped with side hook eye and sinker eye for bottom attack.
3. Adopts a saxus swivel hook eye that reduces breakage.
4. Equipped with a saxus hook that boasts amazing penetrating power.

Specification details
■Saxus swivel hook eye
The hook eye uses a Saxus swivel. Big baits tend to create resistance due to their body size, and they also have their own weight, so when the bass gets angry, the bait loses its tension all at once, and its weakness is that it is easily exposed. The amazing rotational power of the Saxus Swivel eliminates this weakness. It follows the violent movements of the bass and reduces the phenomenon of the hook twisting and coming off.
■Bottom strategy tuning
Standard equipment Remove the hook and install #2 to #3 feather hooks on the side hook eyes. A sinker is installed on the sinker eye, and the sinker is set to sink slowly enough to stand on the bottom with the power of the feather. This tuning makes it possible to play big bait games on the site.