DAIWA D SWIVEL SS BULK PACK (rolling swivels)

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size - 1 - 15pc/pack (approx 95kg)

size - 1/0 - 12pc/pack (approx 125kg)

size - 2/0 - 9pc/pack (approx 156kg)


It sounds like the SaqSas Swivel is a significant advancement in fishing gear, particularly in preventing line twisting and improving durability. Here's a summary based on the information provided:

Key Features:

  1. New Plating Technology: The SaqSas Swivel utilizes advanced plating technology that enhances rotational force, making it smoother than traditional plated swivels.

  2. Fluorine Coating: The swivel is coated with fluorine on the inside, further improving smooth rotation compared to conventional swivels.

  3. Performance Improvements:

    • Rotational Force: Provides six times the rotational force compared to regular plated swivels, which helps in maintaining smooth operation and preventing line twist.
    • Durability: The swivel's durability against wear due to rotation is increased by about 3.5 times, ensuring longevity even under frequent use.
  4. Product Lineup: Available in various value packs, offering options tailored to different fishing needs.


  • Reduced Line Twist: Smooth rotation prevents the fishing line from twisting, improving casting and retrieval.
  • Enhanced Durability: Increased resistance to wear ensures the swivel lasts longer, even in demanding fishing conditions.

Application: Ideal for anglers looking to enhance their fishing experience by reducing line twist and improving the reliability and longevity of their tackle. The SaqSas Swivel appears to be designed for both recreational and professional use, offering a balance of performance and durability.

Overall, the SaqSas Swivel with its New Plating Technology and fluorine coating represents a significant advancement in fishing swivel design, promising smoother rotation and increased durability compared to traditional options.