Daiwa Comfortable Craftsman unique sabiki.

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Sabiki sticks to the principle of fishing, which is comfortable craftsman Sabiki.

The five major features of Shokunin Sabiki are as follows.
(1) Completely hand-made manufacturing (HAND MADE)
2) Adoption of needle color that is directly linked to fishing results. Select the original needle color according to the type and characteristics of the pseudo.
(3) All-fluorocarbon (D-FRON) design that emphasizes suppleness that makes artificial baits dance, stiffness that prevents stickiness, and knot strength.
(4) Design of the branch length (Harris) where the artificial bait dances. Select a unique branch length (Harris) that matches the needle size.
(5) Designing the length and thickness (width) of the artificial bait according to the needle size

Specification details
■Completely hand-made manufacturing (HAND MADE) Completely hand
-made by skilled workers. Specifications that pay attention to details, such as the number of knots, etc., depend on the number of artificial baits and needles.
Mackerel skin
Mackerel skin has a reputation as a soft material, and it is possible to produce movements that cannot be made with skin winding. Therefore, it is characterized by a higher probability of catching even in situations with no top or no effect compared to skin winding.

 Soft Amie Shrimp

■ Pink
■ White
■ Keimura
■ UV light irradiation (pink)
■ UV light irradiation (white)
■ When irradiated with UV light (Keimura)
Different branch length (Harisu) of pseudo-dancing The way of
dancing changes with the original branch length (Harisu) that matches the needle size, making it easy to synchronize with Komase (Ami shrimp) and directly linked to fishing results.
■ When irradiated with UV light, Mackerel skin
■Using all fluorocarbon (D-FRON) By using
all D-Flon, (
1) suppleness that simulates dancing (2) hard to stick to
threads (
3) knot strength increases