ClearBlue Crystar511BASK

ClearBlue Crystar511BASK

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Have fun turning!

Cast feeling that makes you feel the joy of throwing Even though it is
slender and bends, there is no laziness when casting, and it allows for outstanding distance.
The jig alone weighs 0.2g with a tip belly, and it is ultra-sensitive enough to apply fine bites.

Piercing reverberation sensitivity!

High Modulus 30t Carbon

Titanium Frame (Dark Grey) Torzit Ring Guide

A beautiful bending curve is realized by high-precision inro jointing.

[Reel Seat]
Uses Olympic's original carbon reel seat "OPS-1" Ergonomic
and easy-to-grip design achieves extremely high reverberation sensitivity!

TORAYCA ®T-1100G, which uses Toray Industries, Inc.'s finest carbon fiber, is used as the base material for #1, and TORAYCA ®M40X, the most advanced high-elasticity 40t carbon fiber material, is used as the base material for #2.
A 4-axis sheet is used for all parts except the solid part.
The 4-axis sheet uses different 4-axis sheets according to the characteristics of #1 and #2 in addition to the solid part.

Crystar511 BASK

BASK… Bring out the joy and fun!

This rod will bring joy out of you!

  • Since it is a specialized rod, please handle it with care. When moving the car in and out, the handle of the reel rotates due to the vibration of the car, which may lead to damage. Please use a ball net to catch the fish you caught. * Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.


・Tip type:solid
・Top Dia:0.6mm
・ Line: 0.8 lb to 2.0 lb
・ Guide: 9 pieces (all TORZITE)