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Bluestorm Life Vest BSJ-5320RS

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The BSJ-5320RS is Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) approved and complies with the MLIT standards. (Revised October 2013).
The BSJ-5320RS is a waist belt type PFD offering maximum fit. The 3D mesh design on the back prevents the user from feeling stuffy when the PFD is in use. The PFD is non-slip on the body, which prevents displacement when wearing.
As this is a waist belt type, upper body movement is not restricted when wearing the BSJ-5320RS before inflation.


Gun Belt Type Waist Belt PFD:
By placing the sensor and CO2 gas cylinder on the the side of the body, the fit of the waist belt PFD has significantly improved compared to the conventional waist belt type as the sensor and CO2 gas cylinder does not hit the waist and cause discomfort.
It is also recommeded for fishing, such as when sitting in a chair while boat fishing etc.

3D Mesh:
The cover adopts a 3D mesh portion on the contact areas with the waist, which improves comfortability and breathability. It prevents stuffiness when wearing over long hours.


Rubber tape used:
Non-slip rubber used in areas with contact with waist to improve fit and prevent the PFD from slipping down while wearing.


Equipped with the UML Co. MK5ci (Prosensor MK2), it is an auto inflatable life jacket whereby the sensor will sense water and inflate the PFD. In addition, the manual inflation is not restricted to the surrounding environment (such as out of water) and it is possible to operate securely at any time.

The UML Co. MK5ci (Prosensor MK2) is a double sensor inflatable device. Once the two sensors are green, it is ready for use. If the CO2 cylinder is not properly installed or the cartridge is used, the sensor will turn red. The condition of the cylinder and cartridge when in use can be checked easily at a glance.

Using a 18gCO2 cylinder, the expansion of the air chamber creates a 7.5kg or more / 24hours or more buoyancy (initial buoyancy about 10.8kg)

Product Features

  1. Auto Primary Inflation
  2. Reflective Tape on Bladder
  3. Buoyancy 10.8 kg
  4. Weight 420g
  5. Outer Fabric 420D
  6. Waist 70-100cm
  7. TYPE A

Product Includes

  1. 18g UML MK5ci Kit