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Shimano Vanquish

Shimano Vanquish is constructed mainly of Shimano's own "CI4+" material, this has allowed the reel to be extremely lightweight. However, this does not mean that the reel is "weak" or built to a lower standard. It is safe for saltwater use and has one of the smoothest cranking motion of any reel due to the larger diameter splindle. The gearing inside the reel features smooth and precise grooves to ensure that even after countless of fishing trips, the smoothest you would have associated with the cranking motion never goes away.


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2014 Shimano Ocea Conquest 200HG/201HG

Fishing Buddy New Product
New dimension of rotation performance for offshore Fishing!
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Shimano Biomaster

Featuring all the latest design specifications such as AR-C
spool, Aerowrap and one piece bail design packed into one
awesome reel known as The Biomaster. With the introduction
of the New 2011 Biomaster, you can be sure that this marque
will revolutionize fishing and increase its ever growing pool
of ardent followers. With rigid support drag, waterproof drag
system and the minimum interita drag material, the New
Biomaster is truly a force to reckon with. Time to master your
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2014 Shimano Calcutta Conquest

Fishing Buddy New Product
NEW Calcutta Conquest has improved the compactness and cast performance. It is equipped with a micro-module gear and X-SHIP gear system. Rotation feeling and durability of the gear is improved.
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Shimano Stradic CI4+

Utilizing the new CI4+ material for construction, Stradic CI4+ is the ultimate in lightweight reels designed for the ultra-finesse angler using lightweight fluorocarbon, braided or mono filament lines.
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Shimano New Ultegra

The New Ultegra Is Builded with Magnum Light Rotor Ci4+ , X-SHIP Gear System, AR-C Spool, S A-RB Bearings, Aero Wrap and Easy Maintenance System.
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2013 Shimano Nasci

One grade higher than the Aernos XT with additional ball bearing and improve roller bail-arm and better drag power.
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Shimano Reel FX2500FB / FX4000FB

Shimano FX Spinning reels feature Super Stopper anti-reverse for solid hook sets, Varispeed for long, accurate casts, and Dyna-Balance for smooth retrieves.
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Currently displaying 1 to 8 of 25 matches 1 |2 |3 |4  »