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SGD 80 (SG Local)
SGD 1000 (Overseas)
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Palau Leisure Cooler Box

New PaLau Leisure Cooler Box
Cooler Box Made In Japan
Available in 4 different size

#100 - 7L - 330 x 230 x 100mm ⚠️$26
#150 - 12L - 370 x 265 x 265mm ⚠️$35
#200 - 20L - 480 x 295 x 300mm ⚠️$64
#260 - 26L - 480 × 295 × 370 mm ⚠️$80
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Golden Mean Pad Mini

Easy installation, Compact size, Fishing support pad.
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Pro Trust Neoprene Bait Reel Cover PT-4008

5mm thickness of high quality neoprene material
Color: Black
Can be covered even when the reel is attached to the rod.
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Shimano Holiday Pack Telescopic Rod

Intermediate level telescopic rod.
Light and convenient to carry around.
Good for travelling.

Sections: 6
Sinker no.: 15-30

Sections: 7
Sinker no.: 15-30

Sections: 8
Sinker no.: 15-30

Sections: 9
Sinker no.: 15-30
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Nikko Octopus 2.5"

Fishing Buddy New Product
Nikko Octopus are infused with Squid Extract.

A great size for crappie, bass and a huge variety of saltwater fish.
The head profile, bulging eyes and suction cups give this bait a highly seductive profile. Super soft plastic enables legs to flutter and quiver with the slightest movement. Hollow heads accept weights when fished alone or with jig heads.
Super stretchy. Long lasting through many fish and multiple uses…usually well over 100 catches per bait.
Will not harden or dry out. Will not harm fish or animals if ingested.

Size: 2.5″ (65mm)
5 baits per pack.

Super Soft
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Daiwa Deka Peanut II

Wide wobbling and rolling action.
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2019 Daiwa Certate LT ARK Model

Fishing Buddy New Product
ARK = Aluminium Round Knob

The Daiwa 19 Certate LT ARK range of spinning reels now come equipped with a large ball knob which makes for an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable reel to use. The Certate LT ARK has a power handle designed for those who want extra cranking power to make use of the high drag rating and strength of the Certate LT MQ Monocoque body and machine-cut Tough Digigear.
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TORAY Salt Line ® PE Super Eging F4 150m

High strength, high sensitivity, flexible PE line exclusively for 4 Blade Eging.
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