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SGD 1000 (Overseas)
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ZetZ Naminohana 39S / 75S

Fishing Buddy New Product
Tight and straight vibration while maintaining a horizontally and balanced level.
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Maria Squash 125mm

The Squash features maria's 'moving weight' system and this coupled with the aerodynamic body shape and lipless design make it a great lure for casting.
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SPECIAL COMBO! Crony Amazing Rod + Shimano Ocea Jigger + Toray Super Strong PE X8

1 Set Combo! Rod + Reel + PE Line
Super Amazing Deal!
Hurry! While Stock Last!
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2018 Shimano Stella FJ

2018 Shimano Stella FJ takes the Shimano spinning reel lineup to new heights, now even smoother, more efficient, and durable than the previous generation!
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YGK Galis FC Shock Leader 60m

Fluorocarbon's biggest selling point is.. it's low visibility.
Fluorocarbon also contain more material than monofilament as it is Non-Porous and has a harder finish. Virtually a solid material which is denser than water.

100% High Quality Fluorocarbon material
Length: 60 meters
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Zetz Smelt TG Tungsten Micro Jig

Overwhelming distance and compact size that allows the tungsten material. We've fused the controller Bull operability of ZetZ unique in there. Square body that produce a response to the rod work, induce the bytes of the target generates a flushing at the same time. Such as to eaten in fall and fascinated by hoisting and enables technical game. Horse mackerel and rockfish, of course, we have hidden the potential to shoot also aim migratory fish to unbalanced diet a minimum bait.
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Zman HeadlockZ HD

Built on quality super-strong, Mustad Ultrapoint, chemically sharpened hooks, HeadlockZ HD are the ultimate jighead to suit the ultimate plastic.
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Galis cast Man T-PⅢ absorber masa Tuna Limited version - N870

At No. 40 and No. 50 of the leader system is put to the offshore, the leader side unity broken or
whether will enough squid when it reaches the leader main line break. Most roots shift and teeth shift, or
whether it would not be by material fatigue due to long-term fight.
T PIII will be restored not completely stretched at the time of high tension drag even while the expense of straight strong
and strength and elongation load bearing, to cod from by super-hard surface new ALK recipe
cut resistance and ultra-low water absorption (conventional product ratio 1/10) for the first time and realized in the nylon line.
Actual fishing value is extremely high, it is Big One dedicated nylon shock leader.

Galis cast Man T-PⅢ
Size: 30G (100LB)
Size: 40G (110LB)
Size: 50G (140LB)
Size: 60G (170LB)

Color: Natural
Winding amount: 30Meter
Material: nylon
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