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SGD 80 (SG Local)
SGD 1000 (Overseas)
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Yumeya Aluminum Round Power Handle Knob

Dress up your Shimano reels with YUMEYA stylish knobs!
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Ten Mouth (TM6) 222EX Split Ring EX - 100pcs Bulk Pack

Stong & Durable
Trusted Brand Among Anglers
Made In Japan
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Duel Super X-Wire 8 Braided Line 150m / 200m / 300m

Micro-Pitch 8 Braided PE Line With Premium Quality And Multi Color Marking System
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Yo-zuri Egi Pata Pata Q Rattle [#2.5 - A1723 / #3.0 - A1724]

Fishing Buddy New Product
Highly Attracting Model with Sound x Color x Wave Motion
Shrimp bending the tail, reproduce the sound echoing in the water at the time of escape.
About 4.4 times the speed of sound in air in water.
So effective!
Realistic colors!
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Yo-zuri Hydro Popper™ 90mm [R1151] / 120mm [R1152]

Bass Fishing Lure of Premium Quality of YOZURI lures range

Designed to Use in Shallow Waters and Create Disturbance in the Surface Layer of the Sea.

The Ultimate Big Game Lures
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Daiwa Bug Blocker Polo Shirt DE-5006

Anti-Mosquito, UV-Cut Polo Shirt
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Duel EZ-Q Dartmaster Rattle 2.5 & 3.0 [A1740 / A1741]

Fishing Buddy New Product
Triple appeal of "wave", "color" and "sound".
It is intensely appealing to large squids !!!

- Rattle ball inside
- Patapata Feet light
- Snagless Sinker
- Hook with UV
- Wave Motion Light Body

Size 2.5
Weight : 10g
Sinking Rate : approx. 5.0 sec./m

Size 3.0
Weight : 14.5g
Sinking Rate : approx. 3.5 sec./m
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2019 Daiwa Certate LT

Fishing Buddy New Product
The new CERTATE’19 has Monocoque Body, the one piece aluminium body like Exist’18 has (Exist’18 has magnesium one piece body).

This is the DAIWA’s technology that combine all frames into one piece body, therefore the body does not need to have too much parts including screws, extra parts therefore the body is very light but still keeps high range of toughness.

Therefore the toughness is even higher but the weight is much lighter, comparing to the old CERTATE’16! Like, CERTATE’16 2510PE-H is 240g, and new CERTATE ’19 LT3000-CXH is 210g, 30g lighter with the same line capacity.

By Monocoque Body, it can remove lots of parts and can make more space in the body, which means the same size body can have bigger gear inside.

And in this new CERTATE’19 it has Large Tough Digigear, which gives you stronger reeling power with toughness, but very light feeling when you reel.

Now CERTATE’19 also has the same Monocoque Body with Magsealed installed in the same place of EXIST’18, so you can expect exactly the same water resistance level of it.
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