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D505 YGK Galis Ultra Castman Full Drag WX8 GP-D; 100m x 12 CONNECTED

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"High technology produce a quality"
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YGK D490 Galis Ultra Jigman WX8 PE 100m Connected

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YGK Galis FC Shock Leader 60m

Fluorocarbon's biggest selling point is.. it's low visibility.
Fluorocarbon also contain more material than monofilament as it is Non-Porous and has a harder finish. Virtually a solid material which is denser than water.

100% High Quality Fluorocarbon material
Length: 60 meters
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YGK Galis DMV Nylon Absorber 50m

Formulated with absorbing properties to minimise the impact of prolonged casting.

DMV NYLON is 20% more than the usual ordinary Nylon used.. It has extremely Low Memory which help the lines to have less curls or tangles.
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S620 YGK Galis Dental Floss

Frequently used in many trolling game, Dental Floss is an improvement of YGK’s original technology. The unique resin that is used differs from the wax that has been used till now. In addition, the colorization of the lines are more realistic.

2G - 100m
4G - 80m
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M170 YGK Super Soft Nylon Shock Leader Series

Leader is the finest nylon material was adopted to the DMV of wear-resistant nylon butterfly. Because abrasion resistance is called approximately 20 times the normal nylon, displacement and roots, and fish is overwhelming strength of rubbing. Easy to like, because you have been subjected to special processing tighten during the nodule, ease of handling is the best deals.
● M170 Individual 50m
spool hard ●
● Separate spool
DMV: Nylon material
: 1.14 specific gravity
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M311 YGK Harisu Special Fluoro Carbon (Pink) 100 meters

Powerful special pink fluorocarbon is reliably indispensable especially when it comes into contact with ultraviolet light.
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N830 YGK Galis FC Absorber 60m

Fluorocarbon material is rigid, by applying its own processing software, while maintaining the surface hardness with excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility was allowed to have. Result, without compromising the movement of the jig or lure, the system was easier to set knot. Flexion fracture is less likely to occur, and delivers a stable, high knot strength for a variety of knots. Excellent cost performance, a spool winding 60m (up to 70lb). Natural color line.
● N830 separately
● 20Lb ~ 70Lb is winding 60m
50m ● 100lb-300Lb is winding
spool ● Separate
Fluorocarbon material:
1.78 Specific Gravity
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