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D507 YGK Galis Ultra Castman FULL DRAG WX8GP- 300m pack

Galis Ultra cast Man FULL DRAG WX8GP-D 300Meter
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M311 YGK Harisu Special Fluoro Carbon (Pink) 100 meters

Powerful special pink fluorocarbon is reliably indispensable especially when it comes into contact with ultraviolet light.
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F230 YGK FC Ultra Fune Harisu 100m

The NEW YGK powerful high-performance 100% fluorocarbon
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SPECIAL COMBO! Crony Amazing Rod + Shimano Ocea Jigger + Toray Super Strong PE X8

1 Set Combo! Rod + Reel + PE Line
Super Amazing Deal!
Hurry! While Stock Last!
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M310 YGK Harisu Special Fluoro Carbon (Natural) 100 meters

100% Fluorocarbon material.
Excellent Abrasion Resistance and Flexibility.
Length : 100 M
Made in JAPAN.
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Galis cast Man T-PⅢ absorber masa Tuna Limited version - N870

At No. 40 and No. 50 of the leader system is put to the offshore, the leader side unity broken or
whether will enough squid when it reaches the leader main line break. Most roots shift and teeth shift, or
whether it would not be by material fatigue due to long-term fight.
T PIII will be restored not completely stretched at the time of high tension drag even while the expense of straight strong
and strength and elongation load bearing, to cod from by super-hard surface new ALK recipe
cut resistance and ultra-low water absorption (conventional product ratio 1/10) for the first time and realized in the nylon line.
Actual fishing value is extremely high, it is Big One dedicated nylon shock leader.

Galis cast Man T-PⅢ
Size: 30G (100LB)
Size: 40G (110LB)
Size: 50G (140LB)
Size: 60G (170LB)

Color: Natural
Winding amount: 30Meter
Material: nylon
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YGK Galis FC Shock Leader 60m

Fluorocarbon's biggest selling point is.. it's low visibility.
Fluorocarbon also contain more material than monofilament as it is Non-Porous and has a harder finish. Virtually a solid material which is denser than water.

100% High Quality Fluorocarbon material
Length: 60 meters
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N837 YGK Galis FC Absorber Infini Slim & Strong 30m

By a special process, and realize the streamlining of about 1.2 times the strength our conventional product ratio and the yarn diameter. In addition, the error is little of the high smooth and thread diameter surface smoothness, is a supple while yarn quality of excellent ideal to a perfect circle linearity.
Despite the specification conforms to standard thread diameter, and boasts the strongest knot strength and straight strong-toughness of.
Soft well it wins a rigid!
It will match at a high level in recent years of the mains line of light.

Galis FC absorber Infini Slim & Strong (30Meter)


Size: 4G (19LB) = (0.332)
Size: 5G (24LB) = (0.373)
Size: 6G (28LB) = (0.400)
Size: 7G (30LB) = (0.435)
Size: 8G (37LB) = (0.470)
Size: 10G (41LB) = (0.519)
Size: 12G (45LB) = (0.570)
Size: 14G (52LB) = (0.620)
Size: 16G (58LB) = (0.665)
Size: 18G (66LB) = (0.706)
Size: 20G (77LB) = (0.747)

Material: Fluorocarbon
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