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Shimano Ocea Calcutta (2013 JDM)

Jigging requires a reel that has weightlessness, smoothness, and toughness, and the OCEA Calcutta achieves them at very high standard.
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NEW 2017 Shimano Twinpower XD

Fishing Buddy New Product
The Twinpower XD (eXtreme Durable).
As its name suggests, the gears used in the XD are 70% stronger than the 2015 Twinpower.
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2017 Shimano Ocea Jigger Reel

Fishing Buddy New Product
Polished High Rigidity And Durability
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Shimano Nexave

The new Nexave FE is the updated version of the well-known Nexave FD. This new reel is a front drag spinning reel which can be used for all kinds of freshwater fishing. Due to the 3 stainless steel ball bearings, the reel runs smooth and as as expected from a reel Shimano reel, the drag is perfectly adjustable and will help you fight big fish without any problems. The Nexave FE is an affordable reel for anglers who have just started fishing and want to experience the quality of Shimano reels.
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Shimano Sedona SP / XT

Great reel. Affordable. Beautiful.
Available in size 2500, 4000 & C5000XG!
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Shimano Sedona HD

Great reel. Affordable. Beautiful.
Available in Size 2500, 4000 & C5000XG!!
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Shimano Sedona FI

Shimano Sedona FI Spinning Reel

The beautifully designed Sedona FI is the lowest priced spinning reel of Shimano that features Shimano's HAGANE Gearing. Because of the unrivalled HAGANE Gear the angler can be confident that the reel will show tremendous durability over the years, even under extremely heavy use. The G Free Body gives great comfort since the internal parts of the reel are shifted closer to the rod compared to reels without the G Free Body feature. The combination of the HAGANE Gear and the G Free Body results in longlasting reliability and comfort for the angler. These strong technical features in combination with the appealing design will make this a very reliable fishing partner for both novice and experienced anglers.

Shimano’s most affordable Hagane Gear reel
Varispeed II line lay for improved casting
Cold forged AR-C spool
Wide range of models to suit many different methods and preferences

Sedona FI 6000
Reel Weight : 425gm
Gear Ratio : 4.6
Max Drag : 10kg
Bearings : 3 + 1
Per crank : 83cm
Line Capacity : PE3 - 300m / Powerpro 50lb - 195m / Nylon Mono 0.370mm - 190m

Sedona FI 8000
Reel Weight : 615gm
Gear Ratio : 4.9
Max Drag : 11kg
Bearings : 3 + 1
Per crank : 94cm
Line Capacity : PE4 - 300m / Powerpro 50lb - 265m / Nylon Mono 0.405mm - 230m
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2013 Shimano Stella SW *CLEARANCE SALE*

The NEW and powerful Stella 2013 model!
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