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2018 Daiwa Ryoga

Fishing Buddy New Product
Daiwa Ryoga series reel is the most advanced round shaped bait caster, used for cranking purpose.
Directive Rotation design construction with Hyper Mesh Gearing system offers highly efficient gearing. The new Hyper Mesh Gearing system has gears engaged with 50% more tooth, to reduce gearing loss and to improve resistance to wear and tear at the same time.
Magforce V/Z brake system is proven to control spool speed well to eliminate backlash.
Automatic Drag system offer smooth, a little low drag start, and increase drag pressure when it goes fast to have more stopping power.
Cast control cap is no longer to adjust in casting. The cap, Zero Adjuster is to kill shaft play, and all other brake is done by the Magforce system. Has Magsealed ball bearing for longer life
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NEW 2017 Daiwa Saltiga BJ Overhead Reel

Fishing Buddy New Product
NEW Saltiga BJ overhead reel is the ONE for all jiggers.
A versatile reel that can be use for Tai-Raba, micro jigging, slow jigging, even fast jigging!
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2015 Daiwa Luvias

2015 Daiwa Luvias!
Magsealed, Air Rotor, ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag),
Zaion and an additional ball bearing in its main shaft,
LUVIAS is perfect for all freshwater and saltwater situations.
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Daiwa Tatula LT

Fishing Buddy New Product
These fine new reels reflect the sophisticated engineering and design that has vaulted spinning reels on to the center stage of the bass fishing world. The Zaion Body is composed of a “high density” carbon strain material that is lighter and stronger than conventional construct material. This Tatula LT reel is one of the lightest spinning reels out in the market. The state of the art Air Rotor design is 15% lighter yet stronger by dispersing the pressure evenly over the part. The digitally Machined Aluminum Alloy Digigear is smooth and flawless delivering the power of the handle directly to the rotor with no play. The 7 ball bearing system allows the parts to move effortlessly. The Daiwa Tatula LT series of spinning reels utilizes state of the art materials and technology to create a versatile tool designed with the more sophisticated bass fisherman in mind.

ZAION LT Housing
Machined Aluminum Alloy DIGIGEAR
7 Bearing System (1 CRBB+5BB+1BB)
Gear Ratio - 6.2 : 1
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Daiwa Caldia LT

Fishing Buddy New Product
Compact spinning reel that is light and strong .
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2016 Daiwa BG

The next generation of the ever popular BG spinning reel series just got leaner and meaner.
High rigidity and high endurance! Large spinning reel exclusively for SW lure with high basic performance
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2015 Daiwa Freams

The new 2015 Freams is build with MAG shield exerts a high degree of durability well beyond the level of the class, also correspond to the long-term use and harsh environments.
Also has a new drag system and large improved rotation performance, is a reel to innovation the values ​​of the spinning reel.
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Daiwa Leobritz 200J

Fishing Buddy New Product
Electric Light Game Reel
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