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2019 Daiwa Certate LT

Fishing Buddy New Product
The new CERTATE’19 has Monocoque Body, the one piece aluminium body like Exist’18 has (Exist’18 has magnesium one piece body).

This is the DAIWA’s technology that combine all frames into one piece body, therefore the body does not need to have too much parts including screws, extra parts therefore the body is very light but still keeps high range of toughness.

Therefore the toughness is even higher but the weight is much lighter, comparing to the old CERTATE’16! Like, CERTATE’16 2510PE-H is 240g, and new CERTATE ’19 LT3000-CXH is 210g, 30g lighter with the same line capacity.

By Monocoque Body, it can remove lots of parts and can make more space in the body, which means the same size body can have bigger gear inside.

And in this new CERTATE’19 it has Large Tough Digigear, which gives you stronger reeling power with toughness, but very light feeling when you reel.

Now CERTATE’19 also has the same Monocoque Body with Magsealed installed in the same place of EXIST’18, so you can expect exactly the same water resistance level of it.
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2018 Daiwa BG Magsealed

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2015 Daiwa Saltiga Overhead Reel


The New Saltiga overheads are built on machine cut aluminum bodies
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Daiwa Steez CT SW TW

Fishing Buddy New Product
STEEZ has undergone further evolution with the new concept of CT (COMPACT & TOUGH). It is equipped with a compact body, and a 30mm G1 duralmin CT SV spool. The CT SV spool, which has an outstanding initial rise, covers not only Versatile performance but also the area of ​​finesse performance, achieving an unprecedented cast feel. The smooth winding comfort inherited from the STEEZ SV TW is a gift of the G1 duralumin machine cut drive gear. And, the new "TWS" matched to the 700 size spool shows synergy with "SV CONCEPT" and realizes amazing accuracy performance. The CT SV advocates a new versatile style.

DAIWA STEEZ CT SV TW 700XHL (Left handle)
Winding Length (1 turn of handle) cm : 67
Gear Ratio : 8.1
Weight : 150g
Max Drag : 4.5kg
Nylon Line Capacity : 8lb (0.235 mm) - 100m / 10lb (0.260 mm) - 80m / 12lb (0.285 mm) - 70m
Handle Length : 80mm
Bearing : 12/1
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2019 Daiwa Seaborg 200J

Fishing Buddy New Product
For Light Game! Daiwa's latest technologies are here!
Mag Max Motior,
Mag Sealed Ball Bearing

Waterproof and durable technology "Mag Shield Ball Bearing" that keeps initial performance blocked by blocking the entry of seawater and foreign matter into "JOG Power lever" (single made of aluminum) that can be operated comfortably in one hand, High Power & High Speed's "MAGMAX motor" loaded. Furthermore, "ATD (Automatic Drag System)" smoothly changes the tension according to the pulling of the fish, and it continues to be effective smoothly. The world of light games that can be enjoyed with electric reels such as Red sea bream and Snapper, Squid · light dropping in, etc. spread further. PE No. 2 - 300 m, No. 3 200 m size - 200 m.

Gear Ratio : 4.8:1
Ball/Roller Bearing : 1/12
weight : 475g
Line Capacity : PE #2(20LB)-300m, #3(30LB)-200m, #4(40LB)-170m
Motor UP-Winding Speed : 190m/min
MAX Drag : 8.0kg
Max Rewind Power : 38kg
DC : 13V
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2018 Daiwa Exist LT

In 2018, DAIWA has introduced the new concept of achieving
an "&" mark between the two contrasting adjectives of LIGHT and TOUGH.

The reel comprehension is to achieve the reduction of noise by the newly developed TOUGH DIGIGEAR technology. Ultraprecise machining achieves ideal gear teeth surfaces, therefore drastically cutting down on noise from gears meshing during winding rotation. an uncountably vast amount of other technologies in a single product, including the Zaion Air Rotor that reduces the moment of inertia for light and smooth winding, and the sturdy MONOCOQUE BODY that almost completely eliminates slight shifts and rattles.

18EXIST embodies countless subtle technologies and techniques to Make reels extremely lightweight way to the reel as they are to use the reel as freely as. Using the MONOCOQUE BODY technology that enables both compactness and robustness, this product managed to cut out more bulk than was ever possible before through the expenditure of several times as much processing

18 EXIST is equipped with DAIWA's unique MAGSEALED technology, which fully protects its line roller, main shaft, and drive gear shaft. Its airtight design is further improved through the use of the seamless MONOCOQUE BODY technology.By thoroughly and steadily implementing technologies one by one, EXIST approaches ultimate durability.

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2018 Daiwa Ryoga

Fishing Buddy New Product
Daiwa Ryoga series reel is the most advanced round shaped bait caster, used for cranking purpose.
Directive Rotation design construction with Hyper Mesh Gearing system offers highly efficient gearing. The new Hyper Mesh Gearing system has gears engaged with 50% more tooth, to reduce gearing loss and to improve resistance to wear and tear at the same time.
Magforce V/Z brake system is proven to control spool speed well to eliminate backlash.
Automatic Drag system offer smooth, a little low drag start, and increase drag pressure when it goes fast to have more stopping power.
Cast control cap is no longer to adjust in casting. The cap, Zero Adjuster is to kill shaft play, and all other brake is done by the Magforce system. Has Magsealed ball bearing for longer life
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2015 Daiwa Freams

The new 2015 Freams is build with MAG shield exerts a high degree of durability well beyond the level of the class, also correspond to the long-term use and harsh environments.
Also has a new drag system and large improved rotation performance, is a reel to innovation the values ​​of the spinning reel.
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