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SGD 80 (SG Local)
SGD 1000 (Overseas)
Professional Quality Rod Finish Epoxy Coat

Multi Purpose Epoxy Resin. Crystal clear and high gloss.

★ Can be use for coating items such as fishing rod, lens frame, handle after thread winding such as shank handle, etc., It can also be use for coating of lures.

The attached syringe is latex-free. Rubber and silicone oil are not used at all, so there is no trouble caused by rubber or silicone oil.

Contents: A Liquid: 30 ml / B Solution: 30 ml / 2 x 3ml Syringe
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Fuji Hook Keeper

Fujiís hook keeper is another brilliant design innovation from Fuji to keeping a lure secure on a rod whilst not in use or during transit.
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Fuji Guide and rod tip

New tangle free Sic guides!
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Daiwa Reel Oil II

Easy to use with fine nozzles to lubricate the parts.
Net weight = 10ml
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Daiwa Spray Grease and oil

High-performance anti-rust lubricant spray
Oil ball bearings, rotating parts.
Lubricating grease can be use in most parts of the reel.
Nozzle caps provided to prevent loss
Long Micro injection nozzle that allow you to reach all possible place
Instruction Manual is provided in the set only.
Net weight = 100ml per bottle
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Meiho Multi Purpose Grease

Tube Grease : a fine production by Meiho Chemical.

Suitable For Reel Maintenance, Gear. Ball Bearings Usage.
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Fuji Reel Seat and Butt cap

Fuji Reel seat and Butt cap
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Daiwa Ultimate Tournament Drag Grease

Special Ultimate Tournament Drag Spinning Grease from DAIWA...

✳ Blended in High Proportion of Fluorine-Based Solid Lubricant
✳ Low Friction
✳ Smooth Torque obtained by Special Polymer


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