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Toray Jigging PE power game X8

Power games series Unique eight-ply twisting process + special coating reduces high strength and low elongation, as well as resistance of winding up from jig fall. In addition to reducing the frictional resistance with surface resin coating, the jig falls smoothly by bringing it closer to a true circle. From slow style to high pitch, reduce the stress of guide friction. Adopted a new color pattern that thoroughly pursues visibility.

Color: Green ˇ Pink ˇ Blue ˇ Yellow ˇ Red (5 colors for every 10 m)

Available sizes :
PE0.6 - 8lb
PE0.8 - 11lb
PE1.0 - 16lb
PE1.2 - 18lb
PE1.5 - 20lb
PE2.0 - 29lb
PE2.5 - 36lb
PE3.0 - 42lb
PE4.0 - 53lb
PE5.0 - 64lb
PE6.0 - 80lb
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Toray Super Strong PE X8 100m x 12 Connected

Supple manageability while maximizing strength and sensitivity.
A high balance design of 8 braid that matches every fish kind and fishing style. With high density and smooth yarn surface, guide slip of the line improves.
Easy to use ˇ The lure operability is good, the distance taken up by casting is increased. It corresponds to all-round fishing with original marking system preeminent visibility.

Color: Purple ˇ Red ˇ Green ˇ Pink ˇ Blue (5 colors every 10 m)
Length : 100m x 12 connected
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TORAY Toyoflon Premium Fune Harisu (Fluoro Line)

Dedicated design by number pattern based on a certain concept.
Excellent strength balance that covers every scene, flexible design at matched high dimension.
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TORAY ToyoflonŽ Super L ˇ EX Hyper (Fluoro Line)

Fusing the characteristics of suppleness and linearity in high dimensions!
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S75P Toray SaltlineŽ Super Light Fluoro 150m

High-grade fluoro line for multi-purpose salt light game.

Best balance design of strength and elongation for light games only. It boasts excellent abrasion resistance and excellent shock absorption that is resistant to root displacement.
Outstanding suppleness that does not impair movement of lure and jig head.
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F72N Toray SaltlineŽ Super Light PE 150m

Silky PE line in pursuit of excellent operability and high sensitivity

The light game dedicated blade design achieves moderate stiffness and flexibility. Demonstrate excellent operability and castability. Ultra-high sensitivity specification that clearly conveys Atari and underwater movements to anglers. Development of fine pitch pattern focused on long throw. You can maximize the flight distance and capture points off the coast.
Golden orange colored line is easy to see in night game with excellent visibility.

Color: Golden Orange
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C711 Toray SaltlineŽ Super Light Polyester 200m

The sensitivity is amazing! High strength, low elongation polyester line that does not miss short byte

Use polyester material with low elongation and high sensitivity design. The yarn strength is maximized, and the elongation is small and the fine Atari is also caught without missing. Minimize the habit and realize high operability. Lightweight jig heads can be cast without stress. A specific gravity of 1.38 covers the nylon and fluoro middle layer. Expand the range of attack.

※ Caution This product uses low elongation material with little growth, so it is recommended to use drag adjustment and shock leader in order to prevent line problems such as runaway on the line characteristics.

Color: Natural
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TORAY ToyoflonŽ Super L Hard (Fluoro Line)

Toray's proprietary patent manufacturing method greatly increases wear resistance!
Differentiate overwhelmingly the residual strength after rubbing on the roots.
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