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2018 Graphiteleader Corto

Improved series of Corto Ajing dedicated design! Ultra-light, Ultra-high sensitivity!
Suppressing the amount of resin and making it highly elastic, blanks have high tensile and highly sensitive specifications. The guide is also equipped with a titanium SiC - S ring to support super fine PE line.

■ Specially designed lightweight, ultra sensitivity Ajing rod.
■ Titanium frame K guide · SiC ring guide
■ Two-piece design for easy travel.
■ Ajingu specially designed high-performance Corto rod.
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2017 Graphiteleader Compatto

Even if you travel on business trips, family trips, bicycles, motorcycles, and trains, you can carry it anywhere at any time. Taking into account the international carry-on size, set all item dimensions to 55 cm or less. It also evolves into a series that can be used for anything regardless of target fish by designing blanks color, grip design as simple as possible. Special case that will protect the rod when travelling.

KL guide KR concept + K guide specification.
Light and slender IPS reel seat is adopted on the spinning model
Special bag, tip cover and rod belt included.
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2019 Graphiteleader Remoto

Fishing Buddy New Product
2019 Graphiteleader Remoto is Light with power and great casting distance.

The low resin type low and medium elastic material is used as the main material, and by adding the fabric “Quatro Graphite Cloth XX” and “G-MAPS manufacturing method” to the butt section.
A shore jigging rod from Graphiteleader that sends to the angler who chases the dream from Shore.

Shore Jigging Rod
Fuji Reel Seat DPS20 is used on model 9103H and 1003MH.
Quatro Graphite Cloth XX
MN guide (SiC) + KW guide (SiC-S)
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Graphiteleader Protone 2018 Model

Slow Jigging Model
Model 632-2 and 632-3 are light weight titanium frame K guide for tip and high strength stainless steel frame KW guide for bat.
Model 622-4, 622-5, 622-6 and 622-8 are equipped with all-stainless steel KW guide.

Micro Jigging and Taichiuo Jigging Model
Spinning model made with lightweight titanium frame K guide on the tip and a high strength stainless steel frame KL guide on the bat.

Reel Seat
For spinning - VSS adopts lock nut.
For BC - PTS reel sear for model 632-2 and 632-3, and PULS reel seat for model 622-4, 622-5, 622-6 and 622-8

All models are butt joint - convenient for carrying around.

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GraphiteLeader Barlette Off-shore Casting Rods Series

(The technical model of the short length. By the lightly sharp operability, you can move a lure by light power quickly. Easiness to handle and accuracy of the cast are excellence both. From the length of the 6ft something, astonishing long casting performance is demonstrated by softness and super repulsive force using the whole blank.)
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2019 Graphiteleader Silverado IP-G

Fishing Buddy New Product
A limited production model. The basic performance of Silverado is unchanged, and ion plating deposition technology is adopted. Gun metal color full of sense of luxury that can not be out with normal painting technology. In addition, there is only one completely original specification in the world with a serial number.

Silverado is specially designed for Chining. Stiff tip section and original taper design make it possible to operate lures delicately. In addition, it also possesses high versatility corresponding to a wide range of lures and methods such as top water plugs, crankbaits and lipless-crankbaits. Its butt section reinforced with Quattro Graphite Cloth XX and G-MAPS technology enables to fight with a big bream more easily.

Fuji TORZITE in Titanium Frame.
Fuji VSS Reel Seat.

Model : GSIS-742ML-LE
Length : 7'4" (2.24)
Power : M-Light
Action : Fast
Section : 2pc
Weight : 86gm
Keep Length : 114.5cm
Lure : 3-15gm
PE Line : 0.4 - 1.0

Model : GSIS-782M-LE
Length : 7'8" (2.34)
Power : Medium
Action : Fast
Section : 2pc
Weight : 90gm
Keep Length : 120cm
Lure : 5-20gm
PE Line : 0.6 - 1.2
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2017 Graphiteleader Tiro MR

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GraphiteLeader Paraggio Serie Oceano Off-shore Saltwater Rods Hiramasa Series

Ideal for waters depth up to 100m.
lightweight & powerful.

■ Features
All stainless steel ring guides, SiC
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