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Yamashita Octopus Aurora

Historically, YAMASHITA is well known as the pioneer in development of the trolling bait.
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Mama Worm Soft Action Fish 1.2" / 1.8"

Fishing Buddy New Product
10 pieces per packet
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IKANAGO AURORA 1.2; 1.5; 2.0

Yamashita's IKANAGO AURORA are made using top grade Japanese made materials.
The proven color choices and incredible suppleness of Yamashita is lengendary

Mini Rubber Octopus Skirts.
6 pieces in a packet
Numerous Method of Usage
Can be used like Inchiku Jigs
Can be tie on Sabiki
Can Be used by itself

size 1.2 --- 36mm
size 1.5 --- 45mm
size 2.0 --- 60mm
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Zman Minnowz 3"

・Zman 10X Tough!
・Super Soft Realistic Feel - Fishes Keep Biting
・Buoyant - Life-Like "Tail-Up" Action
・Deadly Profile For Bream, Bass, Flathead, Trout And More!
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Zman Slim SwimZ 3"

Fishing Buddy New Product
The Zman 3" Slim SwimZ is the big brother of the 2.5" version, taking this extremely popular baitfish profile and under hooked, lively paddle tail and upsizing it for larger species, situations when the baitfish in the area are larger and also for when you are looking for a bream and bass upgrade lure.

It's thin body profile makes it extremely realistic and easy for fish to eat, while it's under hooked paddle tail brings it to life in the water, with an action that needs to be seen to be believed. An extremely versatile profile that appeals to everything from big bream to bass, yellowbelly and flathead, along with barramundi, mangrove jack, pelagic species and more.

6 pieces in a packet.
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Nikko Super Crab 6"

Fishing Buddy New Product
Nikko’s new Super Little Crab 1″ baits are scented with real crab

At 6″ , this is the largest crab of its kind on the market.
Made of Nikko’s original super soft floating material, the legs and claws will float upwards and move about like a real live defensive crab trying to protect itself from predators. and alerting them to its vulnerability. In addition to amazing detail and scented with real crab power, these soft plastic baits also have a soft shell feel to them like a recently molted crab, increasing aggressive feeding behavior. Primarily designed for octopus fishing and large cobia, drum and tarpon.
Nikko’s amazingly tough material will see this bait last through many catches and abuse.

One crab per pack.
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Punika Rubber Squid 52mm

3 pieces per packet
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Nikko Dappy Firefly Squid 3"

Fishing Buddy New Product
Dappy Firefly Squid are infused with Squid Extract.

Made of Nikko’s revolutionary ultra-soft Dappy material, these floating baits move and undulate like the real thing, and combined with the powerful scent, natural movement and undulation, fish just cannot resist.
With superior hook retention, these baits can be rigged in a large number of ways.

Length 3 inch.
2 baits per pack.

Super Soft
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Currently displaying 1 to 8 of 38 matches 1 |2 |3 |4 |5  »