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SGD 80 (SG Local)
SGD 1000 (Overseas)
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Galasea Cooler Box 8L/14L/25L/36L

Good quality cooler box at affordable price!
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Daiwa Improve OFF SHORE System Bag (D)

Spacious, Functional System Bag!

Non-Slip Molded Material Base.
Waterproof Shoulder Belt.
Detachable Upper Tray.

✮ many more functions ✮
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Versus VS-3070

Premium Hard Case Tackle from Versus

VS-3070 is among the Top Best Seller of Versus products ✮
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Slash Storage Clear Pouch SL-150 / SL-151

Water Resistant Clear Pouch .
Good for storage of items like Hooks, Leaders, Swivels, Small Tackle cases, Jigs, Lures, Small Reel, Handphone, etc.

Material : EVA

Storage Clear Pouch SN SL-150
Dimensions : Approx. W 26 x D 17.5 x 7 cm

Storage Clear Pouch DN SL-151
Dimensions : Approx W 26 x D 17.5 x H 12 cm
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Slash Tackle Holder Bag Mini Ⅱ SL-161

※ Strong EVA material that is resistant to water
※ Two original ROD holders are equipped
※ A mesh pocket at the top lip for storing accessories such as leader, scissors, pliers etc.
※ Front pocket with velcro surface
※ Rod Holder Mounting
※ Body size: External dimensions Approx. W 33 x D 22 x H 30 cm (excluding protrusions)
※ ROD holder size: inner diameter approximately W 4 x D 4 x H 20 cm
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Pro Trust Bait Container EV-32

Ideal size for Mebering Aging etc.!
If an air pump (sold separately) is attached, it can be used as a live well.
With top cover to prevent water from slashing out when moving.
The inner lid is equipped with EVA mesh for easy drainage.
Fastener specification that is easy to put fish in the center.
Back pocket, with back hose hole.
Size 30 x 17 x 25 cm
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Astage Baseland Cooler Box 52L & 72L

Fishing Buddy New Product

🔰Size - 52L🔰 🔖$220

・ Can store 17 1.5L bottles and 12 2L bottles
・ Outer size 750 370 389mm
・ Inner size 590 240 300mm (bottom)

🔰Size - 72L🔰 🔖$268

・ Can store 21 1.5L bottles and 18 2L bottles
・ Outer size 880 410 389mm
・ Inner size 720 280 300mm (bottom)

・ Mesh tray
・ Water drain plug
・ Partition plate
・ With "WHEEL"

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Astage Parts Stocker PS-400X

For storing small articles and parts, and organizing them according to uses: DIY, fishing, and so on.

-With movable plates to divide the space according to uses (Div. plate QTY: 15pcs)
-Easy to take small bolts and parts out of the box with the carved corner
-With a convenient handle to carry
-Stacks to our containers #13 #13X and #25 #25X and box 500x.
-External Dim. 40529078 mm
-Internal Dim. 3606560 mm ( 3 lines)

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