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SGD 80 (SG Local)
SGD 1000 (Overseas)
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Pro Trust LED Compact Headlight PT-6020

Brightness 80 lumens (main mode LED 1 ball)

Switchable to hand mode (2 left and right COBs) that is easy to work at the time of work-in-place replacement, etc.

Three-stage selector switch (main mode, hand mode, all-lamp mode)

* Drip-proof specification

* Battery used: 3 AAA batteries (with test battery)

* Lighting time: Main mode (1 LED bulb) Approx. 8 hours
      Hand mode (COB 2 spheres) Approx. 10 hours
      All-light mode (1 + 2 spheres) Approx. 5 Time
      (when using alkaline battery)
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Golden Mean Aluminum Hook Keeper

Fishing Buddy New Product
"GM Aluminum Hook Keeper" is an aluminum dress-up hook keeper that can be easily attached to rod blanks

● Size: Overall length 20 Width 10.3 Height 6.5mm
● Weight: 0.6g
● Material: Aluminum
● Accessories: 2 types of mounting rubber (S size / L size)
● S size
blanks diameter 5 to 10 mm
● L size
blanks diameter 8~16mm
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Golden Mean UV Light + Holder Set

GM UV Light Specification
Size : 90 x 20mm
Weight : 33g
UV Light Usage Time : Approx 4 hours
Brightness : 8 to 10m
LED light Usage Time : Appox 5 hours
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Fishing Reel Display Stand

Material: Steel (chrome plating)
Size: Φ140 170 mm
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Slash Luminescent Light Marker SL-117

Luminous light marker with Hapyson's latest measurement application on the back side.

The portable light marker boasts the highest luminous power,
Easy to carry around, it has a key ring so that it can be attached to bags etc.

● Strong phosphorescent LED light
● Coin type lithium ion battery CR2025 x 2 pieces
● Continuous 15 hours lighting (when using Panasonic coin type lithium battery)
● Size 155 x 32 x 12mm
● Weight 30g
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Slash PE Coat Spray SL-172

Special Silicon to protect your lines.
It can also be used for nylon or fluorocarbon line other than PE line.

● You can expect improvement in line life
● Suppressing scratches and reducing line troubles
● Easy to use 220ml
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Hapyson Battery-operated LED Underwater fishing light YF-500

To stimulate eating by gathering fish! LED underwater fishing light debuts
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Daitou Super Buku Mini Air pump 132

Fishing Buddy New Product
●Compact type for one single battery
●Strong and weak 2-stage selector switch
●Drip-proof specification

Battery : Single battery use (battery sold separately)
size : 110 80 40㎜
Continuous time : Strong About 24 hours (using alkaline batteries)
Air flow : Every minute a little about 0.6ℓ / minute per minute less than about 0.4ℓ minutes
Waterproof function: Drip-proof
Hose : 60㎝
Stone : φ20mm
Mass (body) : 158g
Hanger backside : Yes
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