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Pro Trust Big Spiral Cord PT-5053

Fishing Buddy New Product
You can use it as an in-car holder across the foot of the headrest. Rod tip resting on the cord

● With convenient large carabiner!
● Powerful wire core
● Stretch up to 90cm
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Pro Trust Aluminium Light Rod Stand PT-5040

* 12 Rod holders
* Lightweight and compact!
* Easy to assemble!
* Convenient to carry with the handle!
* The upper and lower panels can be slide and adjusted freely by the rod thickness and grip shape!

Size : 53 x 46 x 31cm
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Daiichi Seiko Tightening Ring

With this product, you will never get cuts again from lines when tightening your knots!
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Nakazima E-Band

Multipurpose handy binding band!
Attach the ring to the binding band used as a fishing fish marker!
Lift the fish with one finger, transfer between Ikes and cooler is OK!
With repeat function! It is economical because it is removable and can be used over and over again!
Long type for blue and large redfish!
The 5 color lineup is easy to recognize even in the dark, your fish is obvious!
How to use it depends on your ideas! You can use it for various purposes other than fishing.
As a fish-fish marker (used by binding to the tail print and gill)
As a stringer alternative
For binding & transport storage such as rods!
Instead of a butt hand to the buttocks!
For carrying plastic bottles etc.
In addition, to the binding fixation of various articles in the fishing place, in the car, and in the room!
Effective tightening width: 15 to 65 mm in diameter
Load capacity: about 10 kg
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Slash Solid Tip Cover SL-157

※ Tip cover to guard the delicate tip part of the rod.
※ The material adopts polyester interlock with high cushioning property.
※ The solid tip which is mainly installed in light games etc. protects this slim tip cover from shock.
※ Equipped with a glass stick inside the body exclusively for solid tip.
※ It can store 4 ~ 5 rods
※ Size W 40 x D 5.5 cm
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Hidra Abalone Sheet

Fishing Buddy New Product
Add abalone shell pearls to your lure and egi!
This is a tuning sheet using precious natural abalone shellfish.
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Yumeya Aluminum Round Power Handle Knob

Dress up your Shimano reels with YUMEYA stylish knobs!
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RCS 3012 Air Spool II

Custom spool for 3000 size Daiwa reels.

Spool Spec:
Line Cap Nylon :12lb -150m
Line Cap PE : PE1.5 - 200m
Standard Weight : 52g
Drag Spec : UTD
Max Drag : 7kg
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