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Palms Metal Witch F

Metal Witch F-Series is a simplified version of the Metal Witch Quest.
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NEW Palms Sea Rapture (2016 Model)

Extra reliability is the new concept
NEW Sea Rapture, the rod that is loved by many off shore anglers has had a makeover!

The casting model and the jigging model now has NANOALLOY material to its blank and also Butt end has gained X carbonology.

By using these new material we have created the rod that is super reliable and also enjoyable. The rod will let the angler control the lure/jig the way they like.

If you are the off shore jigging or casting fisherman then the new sea rapture is the rod you must have.
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Palms Metal Witch Quest

Fishing Buddy New Product
Metal Witch, the rod thatís leading the light jigging scene, now has new additions. Metal Witch Quest, A newer range now features Nano Alloy to the blank and gained quality performance which overrides the original Metal Witch.
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Palms Metal Witch Quest A

Fishing Buddy New Product
A light jigging series that has gained tenacity by using nanoalloy materials *, Metal Witch Quest. While maintaining high reliability, α has portability. For anglers who are constrained by the means of movement with 1 pcs rods, the compact dimensions of the α promise to further expand the game scene. Of course, that's because there is a blank design to eliminate the demerits due to the increased number of joints. The ability to immerse in the game without feeling multi-piece is proof of Palms' commitment to the blank design that it has cultivated over the years.

The specifications required for rods in the diversifying light jigging game are also diversified. A tip section to convey the best action to jigs and tyrava for each target. Butt section that connects the hit target to the hit catch. Categorize each target so that such a diversified light jigging game can be deployed comfortably, and promise a stress-free game.

Although it is a jigging rod that has become a standard one-piece model, it may be inconvenient when loading it into a car with a length exceeding 6 feet or when carrying it.
The one-and-half pack length is kept within 140 cm of the longest model. Elimination of power loss at joints, and bend curves without stagnation are unique to the design theory of palms rods, which also develops multi-pieces. You can use it as a one-piece model.
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Palms ShoreGun Evolv

Taking Shore Game to the next level!
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Palms Molla

The Bass Fishing deep fun-at the height of the gameplay and diverse styles in a variety of fields. realize that without it "got caught" in the "caught" is that it capture while bursting of the puzzle elements of a number
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Palms Lurk Shooter

A specialized rod for Rock fishing
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Palms ShoreGun F

ShoreGun F-Series is a simplified version of the ShoreGun Evolv.


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