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Yamashita Naory Range Hunter Basic Shallow

Fishing Buddy New Product
Designed exclusively for light egging “NAORY”.
Basic shallow (BS) Type.

Size : 1.8
Type : Basic Shallow
Weight : 5gm
Sinking Speed : 8.5 seconds / mtr
Hook Type : Two Step Needle
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Yamashita Oppai Sutte 2.5

Glow in the dark Oppai Sutte Squid Jig.
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Yamashita EGI OH TR Sinker 10g/20g/30g

■For stronger current, deeper waters.
■Attached to the tip of the head
■Sizes: 10g , 20g , 30g
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Yamashita EGI OH LIVE Search (Rattle)

High appealing model with rattle and 490 Glow.
Equipped with warm jacket that brings life to the Egi.

Unlike human beings, squid eyes specialize in the function of sensing the difference between light and dark because they live in the ocean with limited light.
“490 Glow” emits light with a wavelength of 490 nm (unit: nm (nanometer)), which is considered to be the most sensitive to many squids. This light creates the largest difference in light and darkness (light contrast) for squid in dark mornings and evenings, and in the sea at night.

10.5 g (No. 2.5)
15.5 g (No. 3.0)
21.5 g (No. 3.5)

■Subsidence speed
(No. 2.5) About 5 seconds / m
(No. 3.0) About 3.3 seconds / m
(No. 3.5) About 2.8 seconds / m
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Yamashita Egi Sutte R 1.5; 2.2; 2.5; 3.0

Half skeleton glow body which enchant the squid jig to look more realistic.

Glows through Sunlight & light, especially during sunrise or sunset - the glow is definitely more effective than normal glow
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Yamashita Eginno Pyonpyon Search Size:3.0 & 3.5

The Eginno Pyonpyon Search is the latest addition to Yamashita's range of squid jigs, bringing 'egi' and 'innovation' together. Eginno = Egi + Innovation.
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Yamashita Squid Needle SB / FB

❛ Most Anglers enjoy using colorful Squid Jigs as baits, while some prefer to use Live Baits. In order to increase the rates of getting the catch, Yamashita invented SQUID NEEDLE SB

✚ Super Sharp and Fine Curved Hooks ✚

2 Squid Needle SB in 1 Box
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Yamashita PIKAPIKA Squid Hook

Fishing Buddy New Product
Yamashita PIKAPIKA squid hook creates fascinating diffuse reflection that appeal to squid even in the deep sea!

Full length = 11cm
7 attractive colors

Selling in sets of 5 pieces @ SGD8.50
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