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2013 Shimano Stella SW *CLEARANCE SALE*

The NEW and powerful Stella 2013 model!
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2018 Daiwa BG Magsealed

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2019 Shimano Stradic FL

Fishing Buddy New Product
Featuring Silent Drive and Micromodule Gear II, Stradic reeling performance now approaches flagship level. For the first time in Stradic’s class, Shimano has implemented a Long Stroke Spool for better improved casting distance. Durability has been further improved by raising gear strength and adopting X PROTECT water resistance.Perfect for a wide variety of fishing applications, Stradic is built to upgrade your time on the water.
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Shimano Stella SW 2019

Fishing Buddy New Product
Available in 8000, 10000 and 14000 sizes, Stella SW features a Hagane body which boasts a highly rigid metal construction. This means improved impact resistance and less body flex. At the heart of the reel, state of the art Hagane gears are cold forged for lasting durability and smoothness.

Infinity Drive Technology offers an improved winding experience, optimizing winding torque by 26%. Silent Drive further improves smoothness by eliminating worm shaft and drive gear play.

An all new Shimano Heatsink drag improves performance by transferring heat away from the spool, reducing spool surface temperature by up to 30% degrees. X Protect and X Shield ensure your investment is guarded from the harsh elements of a saltwater environment so you can fish with confidence. 2019 Stella SW is lighter, more powerful and more reliable than ever before.

Product Technologies:

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Shimano Ocea Conquest CT

Fishing Buddy New Product
Fishing efficiency is dramatically improved by accurate water depth grasping.

High rigidity that HAGANE body brings smooth and powerful hoisting performance produced by micro module gear.

In 2018, its Ocea Conquest steered to further evolution.
Newly equipped with free fall performance and digital counter

Instantly manipulate fall speed and accurately grasp the depth.

■ Fall lever
■ Level wind interlocking
■ Micro module gear
■ X - SHIP
■ HAGANE body
■ S compact body
■ High endurance clutch
■ Water depth display
■ Fall speed / hoist speed display
■ Digital counter with LED backlight
■ Carbon cloth washer
■ Exciting drag Sound
■ Battery replaceable
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Shimano Tranx

Fishing Buddy New Product
New Tranx. X-Ship & HEG technologies combine to provide massive cranking power with a smooth effortless retrieve, perfect for throwing big baits and catching big fish.
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Shimano Ocea Calcutta (2013 JDM)

Jigging requires a reel that has weightlessness, smoothness, and toughness, and the OCEA Calcutta achieves them at very high standard.
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2019 Daiwa Certate LT

Fishing Buddy New Product
The new CERTATE’19 has Monocoque Body, the one piece aluminium body like Exist’18 has (Exist’18 has magnesium one piece body).

This is the DAIWA’s technology that combine all frames into one piece body, therefore the body does not need to have too much parts including screws, extra parts therefore the body is very light but still keeps high range of toughness.

Therefore the toughness is even higher but the weight is much lighter, comparing to the old CERTATE’16! Like, CERTATE’16 2510PE-H is 240g, and new CERTATE ’19 LT3000-CXH is 210g, 30g lighter with the same line capacity.

By Monocoque Body, it can remove lots of parts and can make more space in the body, which means the same size body can have bigger gear inside.

And in this new CERTATE’19 it has Large Tough Digigear, which gives you stronger reeling power with toughness, but very light feeling when you reel.

Now CERTATE’19 also has the same Monocoque Body with Magsealed installed in the same place of EXIST’18, so you can expect exactly the same water resistance level of it.
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