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SGD 80 (SG Local)
SGD 1000 (Overseas)
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Daiwa Grandwave Rod (One Time Offer)

Light Jigging Model

LJ 602MHB (PE1.5 - PE2.0) MAX 120g
LJ 602MS (PE1.5 - PE2.0) MAX 200g
LJ 632MHS (PE1.5 - PE2.0) MAX 120g

Micro Jigging Model

MJ 642ULS (PE0.3 - PE0.8) MAX 40g
MJ 642XULS (PE0.3 - PE0.8) MAX 30g

Slow Jigging Model

SJ 66B-2 (PE 2.0 Max) MAX 120g
SJ 66B-3 (PE 2.0 Max) MAX 150g
SJ 66B-4 (PE 2.0 Max) MAX 180g

All model rods are 2 piece butt joint .
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2018 Graphiteleader Nuovo Calamaretti Prototype

Fishing Buddy New Product
Nuovo Calamaretti Prototype has the sensitivity of the Super Calamaretti and the lightness of the Calamaretti series.
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Shimano Ocea Jigger Rod *CLEARANCE SALE*

SPL_16OCEAJIGGERNJS642JDM / 1.93m / Max PE2.5 / Spinning 1pc / 60-180g / Natural Jerk
SPL_16OCEAJIGGERNJS643JDM / 1.93m / Max PE3 / Spinning 1pc / 80-200g / Natural Jerk
SPL_16OCEAJIGGERNJS644JDM / 1.93m / Max PE4 / Spinning 1pc / 100-240g / Natural Jerk
SPL_16OCEAJIGGERQJS622JDM / 1.88m / Max PE2.5 / Spinning 1pc / 60-150g / Quick Jerk
SPL_16OCEAJIGGERQJS623JDM / 1.88m / Max PE2.5 / Spinning 1pc / 80-160g / Quick Jerk
SPL_16OCEAJIGGERQJS624JDM / 1.88m / Max PE3 / Spinning 1pc / 90-180g / Quick Jerk
SPL_17OCEAJIGGERB603JDM / 1.83m / Max PE3 / Baitcast 1pc / 80-180g / Bait
SPL_17OCEAJIGGERB604JDM / 1.83m / Max PE4 / Baitcast 1pc / 100-220g / Bait
SPL_17OCEAJIGGERB605JDM / 1.83m / Max PE5 / Baitcast 1pc / 120-300g / Bait
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Slash Vision Blood Revolution Rod

※ Adopt high sensitivity blanks
※ The KR concept guide is installed in all models, and the accuracy and sensitivity are greatly improved.
※ Helical X = reduces twisting and rattling, improves power and torque
※ ST = Solid Tip
※ TB = Tubular
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Graphiteleader Vigore Bait Casting Model

Fishing Buddy New Product
Vigore Series is a meaning of POWER

The versatile bass rod of the new dimension with marvellous lifting power!
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2017 Graphiteleader Compatto

Even if you travel on business trips, family trips, bicycles, motorcycles, and trains, you can carry it anywhere at any time. Taking into account the international carry-on size, set all item dimensions to 55 cm or less. It also evolves into a series that can be used for anything regardless of target fish by designing blanks color, grip design as simple as possible. Special case that will protect the rod when travelling.

KL guide KR concept + K guide specification.
Light and slender IPS reel seat is adopted on the spinning model
Special bag, tip cover and rod belt included.
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Graphiteleader SerieOceano Barlette

G/L SerieOceano Barlette is the strongest graphiteleader rod made for anglers who go for big games. Fishes like Tuna, GT etc.. Rod is design in mind to be able to catch the big game and in order to achieve high strength by a multi-layered structure of thin carbon cloth and a pair G-MAPS process and 4-axis whole body, which make it possible. Able to achieve outstanding performance and operability of the lure in the long distance, here is the birth of the strongest graphiteleader rod where most anglers will not miss a chance to own one.
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Graphiteleader Pagro EX

Pagro, one of the few models in Graphiteleader line up design for madai and inchiku style of fishing. With a fast taper tip it allows quick hooking up of fishes when the madai or inchiku jig is been attack. If you are looking for a rod that is light and gives you good feel. Look no further, this is the rod for you.
Only available in baitcaster models.
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Currently displaying 1 to 8 of 129 matches 1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 |7 |8 |9 |10  »