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SGD 1000 (Overseas)
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Shimano Lure Matic

Lure Matic is very elegantly designed with a blend of metallic green color which looks attractive, and are made using high quality carbon material with Fuji rings that are very sturdy and reliable when in use.
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SPECIAL COMBO! Crony Amazing Rod + Shimano Ocea Jigger + Toray Super Strong PE X8

1 Set Combo! Rod + Reel + PE Line
Super Amazing Deal!
Hurry! While Stock Last!
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GraphiteLeader Barlette Off-shore Casting Rods Series

(The technical model of the short length. By the lightly sharp operability, you can move a lure by light power quickly. Easiness to handle and accuracy of the cast are excellence both. From the length of the 6ft something, astonishing long casting performance is demonstrated by softness and super repulsive force using the whole blank.)
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Shimano Ocea Jigger Rod *CLEARANCE SALE*

SPL_16OCEAJIGGERNJS642JDM / 1.93m / Max PE2.5 / Spinning 1pc / 60-180g / Natural Jerk
SPL_16OCEAJIGGERNJS643JDM / 1.93m / Max PE3 / Spinning 1pc / 80-200g / Natural Jerk
SPL_16OCEAJIGGERNJS644JDM / 1.93m / Max PE4 / Spinning 1pc / 100-240g / Natural Jerk
SPL_16OCEAJIGGERQJS622JDM / 1.88m / Max PE2.5 / Spinning 1pc / 60-150g / Quick Jerk
SPL_16OCEAJIGGERQJS623JDM / 1.88m / Max PE2.5 / Spinning 1pc / 80-160g / Quick Jerk
SPL_16OCEAJIGGERQJS624JDM / 1.88m / Max PE3 / Spinning 1pc / 90-180g / Quick Jerk
SPL_17OCEAJIGGERB603JDM / 1.83m / Max PE3 / Baitcast 1pc / 80-180g / Bait
SPL_17OCEAJIGGERB604JDM / 1.83m / Max PE4 / Baitcast 1pc / 100-220g / Bait
SPL_17OCEAJIGGERB605JDM / 1.83m / Max PE5 / Baitcast 1pc / 120-300g / Bait
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Daiwa Grandwave Rod (One Time Offer)

Light Jigging Model

LJ 602MHB (PE1.5 - PE2.0) MAX 120g
LJ 602MS (PE1.5 - PE2.0) MAX 200g
LJ 632MHS (PE1.5 - PE2.0) MAX 120g

Micro Jigging Model

MJ 642ULS (PE0.3 - PE0.8) MAX 40g
MJ 642XULS (PE0.3 - PE0.8) MAX 30g

Slow Jigging Model

SJ 66B-2 (PE 2.0 Max) MAX 120g
SJ 66B-3 (PE 2.0 Max) MAX 150g
SJ 66B-4 (PE 2.0 Max) MAX 180g

All model rods are 2 piece butt joint .
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NEW Palms Sea Rapture (2016 Model)

Fishing Buddy New Product
Extra reliability is the new concept
NEW Sea Rapture, the rod that is loved by many off shore anglers has had a makeover!

The casting model and the jigging model now has NANOALLOY material to its blank and also Butt end has gained X carbonology.

By using these new material we have created the rod that is super reliable and also enjoyable. The rod will let the angler control the lure/jig the way they like.

If you are the off shore jigging or casting fisherman then the new sea rapture is the rod you must have.
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Shimano Panzar 5-piece Travel Rod

Fishing Buddy New Product
Panzar travel rod is a special craft series to cater to all the lure enthusiast's demand.
A 5-piece design that makes it convenient for anglers to travel around.
It comes with a semi hard case that keeps the rods protected while in transit.
A great choice travelling rod.


Model : S6070-5
Length : 6ft - 7ft
Line : 5-12lb
Lure weight : 6-20g
Type: Spinning

Model : S7080-5
Length : 7ft - 8ft
Line : 6-16lb
Lure weight : 7-26g
Type: Spinning
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Shimano Exage Bottomship

Fishing Buddy New Product
This is a versatile saltwater rod with very attractive customised styling, using high quality kevlar material and cross carbon taping. The EVA grip is also ergonomic for comfortable fishing.

Model : B634
Type : Baitcast
Length : 6'3"
Line Rating : PE2-PE4
Sections : 2
Jig Weight : Max 180g

Model : S566
Type : Spinning
Length : 5'6"
Line Rating : PE4-PE6
Sections : 2
Jig Weight : Max 250g

Model : S584
Type : Spinning
Length : 5'8"
Line Rating : PE2-PE4
Sections : 2
Jig Weight : Max 180g

Model : S603
Type : Spinning
Length : 6'0"
Line Rating : PE1-PE3
Sections : 2
Jig Weight : Max 150g
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