Palms The Dax 40gm & 60gm

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The Dax is a metal jig with a compact body and a large swim action, that makes fishes go crazy. Great flight distance and excellent response to rod work. High-spec strength and anti corrosion performance.

Like all the other Palms jigs, The Dax range of casting jigs are real quality with foil finishes and ultra-realistic UV glow eyes and supplied with a quality Japanese Decoy assist hook and treble.

TDX-20 20g 50mm
TDX-30 30g 55mm
TDX-40 40g 60mm
TDX-60 60g 70mm
<West Japan specification> Rear single hook
WTDX-20 20g 50mm
WTDX-30 30g 55mm
WTDX-40 40g 60mm
WTDX-60 60g 70mm