Palms The Dax 20gm & 30gm

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The Dax

High flight distance, high response, high sync rate.

With many achievements, Smelt Dax, which has been supported by many anglers, will be reborn as The Dax in 2018. Despite its compact body that produces a high flight distance, it demonstrates high response that follows rod work. Along with the big swim action that is exhibited by free winding, it induces a bite to various targets. By sharply designing the face, tail, and side edges, we have refined not only flushing when action occurs, but also stable flight attitude. It is a model that thoroughly pursues ease of use in light shore jigging, such as tidal current capture performance brought about by high sync rate.

TDX-20 20g 50mm
TDX-30 30g 55mm
TDX-40 40g 60mm
TDX-60 60g 70mm
<West Japan specification> Rear single hook
WTDX-20 20g 50mm
WTDX-30 30g 55mm
WTDX-40 40g 60mm
WTDX-60 60g 70mm


UV appeal eye

Fascinate fish-eaters with UV appeal eyes that react to UV rays

Compact fat body

A compact fat body that achieves flight distance, high response, and high sync rate

High-spec strength and rust prevention performance

Immediate battle specifications! Equipped with an assist hook as standard equipment. Set the flasher on the decoy hook

NEW The Smelt & The Dax