Yozuri 3DS Crank™ DD(F)

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Deep crankbait to capture 3.5m

Floating Type

size: 65mm
weight: 17gm


Doubles and diffuses shine 3D prism finish Equipped with International Patent

  • Equipped with a coffin lip that boasts high snag-free performance


  • 3D prism finish

    International Patent


    The lens effect amplifies and diffuses the glow of the internal hologram. It produces a strong flashing that cannot be produced by ordinary bodies, and appeals to farther and deeper places.
    Even the complex color changes and slimy feel unique to baitfish are realistically reproduced with the 3D prism finish. Even fish that have been scratched by the outer hologram lure can be brought into the bite.


  • action

    tight wigling

  • range


Color lineup


holo bluegill


Holochart lime




hollow tennessee shad