X-BRAID ULTRA MAX WX8 100M Connected

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High Tension 8 Blade Highest Grade Ship PE Ultra 2 Max

Super refined our Ultra 2PE, which has overwhelming performance and has gained tremendous support. The high-tension WX construction method and HST processing, which are proprietary technologies, have improved toughness and durability, and are being introduced in Japan at a price that meets global standards. In addition, we adopted a marker system based on yellow/black and reviewed 5 colors every 10m with the latest pigments, greatly improving visibility. A next-generation, high-strength, high-quality PE line that complies with domestic yarn diameter standards and makes the most of our strengths as a line manufacturer.

●  Color: 5COLOR Yellow black yellow mark every 1m Yellow mark every 5m

● Material: Polyethylene <Specific gravity: 0.98>

● 100m x 12 spool