Versus VS-8050

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Versus VS-8050 Large fishing tackle tool storage organizer box with handle and 4-stage drawer trays. You can store your fishing accessories and organize them neatly.
  • Dimension : 542 x 300 x 397 mm
  • VS-8050 is Made of Shock Resistant Polymer.
  • Top & Front Panels Made Of Polycarbonate.
  • Top & Front Cover Has 2 Stage-Lock (So that it will not open under unexpected shock)
  • Joint Shaft made with rust resistant & Highly Durable Stainless Steel.
  • Plier Holders On Both Sides!
  • Trays Have Semi-Lock to prevent popping out when the box is open.
  • All trays are detachable and can be replaced with VS-3045, and VS-820ND, VS-820NDM, VS-420, VS-4060, SFC-L, VS-SFC, allowing you to customize your own.
  • Made In JAPAN