Versus VS-3078

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Upper & lower storage organizer box for fishing accessories and tools. Versus VS-3078 is a great tackle storage box to bring along for overseas offshore fishing trip.
  • Measurement: 430mm x 295mm x 186mm
  • Self weight: 2.18kg
  • Comes in yellow, red, black and green
  • Top panel for all colors white.
  • Simple lock system and double lock structure prevent panel from opening even when user forgets to lock after usage.
  • High durable buckle with stainless steel attachment.
  • Pliers and belt buckle design at the side of the box.
  • Anti slip rubber at the bottom.
  • Compatible boxes for neat and tidy storage internally:
  • TOP SECTION: VS-420, VS-318, VS-388
  • LOWER SECTION: VS-820, VS-3010, VS-4060.