Various Cooler Box 17L

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○ Maximum capacity is 17L. It is a cooler box of the size that is easy to use. 

30 x 350ml cans or15 x 500ml PET bottles possible

○ Uses high-performance insulation with a high cold insulation effect. By increasing the thickness of the foam insulation material to about twice the thickness and increasing the foaming ratio to 30 times, the cooling time has been greatly improved.

○ Keeps food and drinks at a delicious temperature, so it is sure to be a big success at leisure destinations.

○ The two-tone color scheme of white x yellow, gives a sense of good taste.

○ Since the lid is flat, it can be used as a simple table. Even when there is no table outside, you can use the lid for simple cooking or as a dining table.

○ Convenient one-push opening and closing that is easy to open with one hand even if your hands are dirty. In addition, it has a wide handle that is easy to hold, making it easy to carry.

Made in Japan