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Sticks Instantly When it Touch

A New Perspective Concept Hook with Flexibly Adapting to Variety of Situations.

  • Long tapered straight point for easy hooking for falling bites.
  • Wide gape design to increase hooking rate.
  • Semi Spade-End processing to avoid the cord from slipping out.


Long taper and straight point for easy hooking on fall bites. Wide gape design to increase hooking rate. Also, a semi-spade end press process (Photo #4) has been applied to reduce the risk of the assist cord slipping out.

Versatile enough to be used for a variety of species including Rockfish and Sea Bream in coastal waters. It is ideal not only for light jigging but also for targeting mid-to-deep-sea Rosy Seabass and deep-sea Splendid Alfonsino.


Benefits of the Semi-Spade-End Press Process:

It is effective in reducing the possibility of the hook slipping off from the assist when tying the hook pierced through the assist cord or when tying an outside knot, but it is not effective when you just tie the hook with the assist cord.


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