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The SLASH next-generation bait reel uses super high gear 8.1: 1 and high gear 7.3: 1 to make it suitable for both freshwater and saltwater, and has a lighter weight and a better cast feel for the centrifugal brake system.
By adopting two types of gear ratios, the usage has been further expanded and a more active style has become possible.
A high-spec model that also uses drag sound and is equipped with a 100mm carbon crank handle as standard equipment.

Super High Gear Model 8.1: 1

The super high gear model has a gold base finish. Right-hand drive specification SHGR, left-hand drive specification SHGL. * The image is SHGL

High gear model 7.3: 1

The high gear model has a gunmetal base finish. Right-hand drive specification HGR, left-hand drive specification HGL. * The image is HGR

Centrifugal brake unit

To adjust the centrifugal brake, turn the black part in the center of the image.

Dial 2 for high specific gravity plugs such as vibrations and rigs with weights.
Makimono plugs are basically dialed 3.

Heavy lures such as big baits can be handled with dial 4, and short casts such as pitching and flipping can be handled with dials 1-0.

Carbon side cover

The frame and side covers are also made of carbon to reduce weight.

The frame is glossy black, and the side cover is painted black with fine blue glitter.


Nylon 16lb-100m / PE1.5-200m Lightweight aluminum spool that can be wound. SHGR / SHGL is gold. HGR and HGL are gunmetal specifications.
* The image is SGHR

Drag Sound System & Stardrag

Drag sound system installed from the DELTA model. Not only the uplifting feeling of the drag sound but also the approximate size of the target can be understood from the sound. A click sound can be added to the Stardrag for delicate adjustment.