Shimano Zodias (pack rod)

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A powerful rod with the highest "sensitivity" that can be carried freely regardless of time and place.

Equipped with a carbon monocoque grip that realizes high sensitivity, Zodias, which has been praised by bass anglers all over the world, has appeared in the Japanese market as a compact pack model in response to requests from North America. We support a wide range of activities from full-scale bass fishing scenes to fishing scenes in outdoor leisure.
* Because this model is a global model originating in North America, this model may differ from the domestic specifications in terms of product number notation.


Carbon monocoque grip

Lightness and high sensitivity were created by the hollow structure that changed the standard of sensitivity.

A carbon monocoque grip that has created a new history of high-sensitivity rods with the innovative idea of ​​making the rear grip a hollow structure by integrally molding carbon. We have acquired unprecedented information transmission power, and have achieved unprecedented lightness and sensitivity.

High power X

A reinforced structure that further suppresses twisting that occurs during casting and fighting. The feature is that the carbon tape is tightened in an X shape from the outermost layer of Spiral X or the carbon sheet vertical and horizontal crossing structure. As a result, the bending of the rod keeps the direction intended by the angler, and the original performance of the blanks is fully exhibited.