Shimano Stella FK (2022)

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High durability gear design infinity cloth realized by advances in gear tooth surface design and manufacturing technology. Infinity loop that winds the line tighter and more orderly onto the spool, reducing resistance when releasing. Infinity drive with a special structure that can be easily wound up even under heavy load. STELLA, who has continued to challenge the top of spinning reels, has reached a higher level by wearing three infinities. Pursuing functionality in every detail, such as anti-twist fins that suppress line troubles around the spool, and Duracross that maintains smooth drag performance due to excellent wear resistance. The highest peak of pride shines brightly in the hands of anglers.


Shimano's design concept for making products that can be truly used by utilizing metal processing technology.

Robustness can be used with confidence even in harsh conditions. A delicate winding feeling that stimulates the sensibility and a reliable operation feeling. And the hoisting power beyond imagination. By honestly pursuing a reel that can be used by anglers, that activity creates HAGANE gear and HAGANE body, which is Shimano's belief. All for anglers.

What aimed for was a winding feeling that would never change.

The metal block is pressed with high pressure and finished with micron accuracy without cutting. A unique technique called precision cold forging creates a hard and tenacious gear, enabling a smooth winding feeling.