Shimano Reel - 2021 Twinpower XD

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The strongest in the MGL series.

Twin power XD that is tougher and lighter.

The NEW Twin Power XD pursues significant weight reduction while inheriting durability that overturns conventional wisdom. 

Micro module gear Ⅱ, Long Strokes pool, a silent drive to adopt the latest mechanism that went, greatly improved operability by applying polish to the basic performance. 

Or was, is to drag carbon cloth washer with excellent durability, the spool ring Stella SW by adopting the same barrier coat spool ring and, to a more tough, and more nimble model innovation is.

Experience the feeling and toughness that is the strongest in the MGL series.


Highly rigid body that can withstand unexpected impacts.

Spinning reels, which are subject to a high load when wound up, require higher rigidity for the entire body, including the reel foot. The HAGANE body uses a lightweight metal body to reduce anxiety about impact in harsh environments and power loss due to bending and twisting. With overwhelming toughness, it will continue to support the battle of anglers.


MGL rotor

A magnum light rotor that uses a rotor structure that is asymmetrical to the left and right, and achieves a different level of rotational lightness in search of improved operability and sensitivity. Furthermore, we have succeeded in reducing the rotational inertia by reducing the weight of the line roller, making the bale titanium, and optimally arranging the rotor wall thickness.


Long-stroke pool

To that point where the lure does not reach.

Equipped with a long stroke spool. Achieves a flight distance increase of about 4% compared to the conventional size with # 2500 size. It may deliver to that point where the lure does not always reach. * Based on our flight distance test inside the dome