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A high-spec model with supple and smooth bending.

A high-spec rod with supple and smooth bending based on the theory of sea bream was built by Entsuki. Equipped with X-seat extreme gun grip, spiral X-core, high-power X full solid, low-modulus carbon, etc., further strengthened the specifications for each category. Four special conditions produce a comfortable sea bream game in various fields.

spiral x core

A next-generation basic structure that has evolved through the use of high-strength materials.

Shimano's unique design and manufacturing method thoroughly pursues even higher strength in all directions, such as bending, twisting, and crushing. Carbon tape using high-strength resin realized by Nanoalloy® technology is used for Shimano's unique basic structure Spiral X, which enhances rod performance from the ground up. We have achieved even higher strength with carefully selected materials. Achieved 1.4 times the torsion strength and 2.5 times the crushing strength compared to general structures (compared to our company). Furthermore, compared with Spiral X, we achieved 10% increase in torsion strength and 15% increase in crushing strength (compared to our company).

* Nanoalloy® is a registered trademark of Toray Industries, Inc.

*Excluding full solid


Left and right spiral guide (RIGHT: clockwise, LEFT: counterclockwise)

All models are equipped with a spiral guide that facilitates constant-speed winding and reduces line trouble. The direction of the spiral is designed exclusively for right-handed and left-handed. The synergistic effect with the X-seat gun grip produces stress-free fishing.

Manufacturing with the right person in the right place that brings out the original performance of the rod.

The basics of making a rod are to first stick to blanks and maximize their performance. The grip that inputs the angler's intention and senses the answer from the fish is an important terminal for that. Shimano pursues the "ease of grip" required in each scene and gives form to innovative ideas.