Shimano Cooler Box Spaza Whale Light 450 LC-045L

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Shimano Spaza Whale Light 450

The lid can be opened and closed from the top or side. It can also be removed.

The strength of the lid is ensured by incorporating strong hard styrene into the lid. It is strong enough to seat two adults.

It has a square body (square shape) that easily fits in the trunk of a car or storage room.

Pursuing water drainage efficiency with a one-action faucet.

The 60L has a double faucet, so even if one side is clogged with scales or debris, you can drain it from the other side. The proven one-touch system is easy to open and close, and your hands won't get dirty with drainage.

Large handle allows for a firm grip. A kind of design that prevents you from hitting your knees by holding the edges.

Large roller wheel make it easy to get over even small steps. [Environmental beautification cooperation product] [Function and attached parts] 

Color: deep navy

Weight: 7.2kg

Capacity: 45L

Internal dimensions: 28 x 70 x 23cm