Shimano Bass One XT+

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"Bass One" has been loved for generations as Shimano's bass fishing rod. Casting, which is the basis of bass fishing, adopts a supple blank that suppresses blurring so that the angler can do more at will. In addition, in order to make it easier to catch changes in terrain and bites, the CI4+ reel seat achieves high sensitivity from hand. This time, new exclusive specs of "bait finesse system", "swim & big bait" and "solid tip" have been added, and it has been updated to a model that you can use for a long time with attachment to your hand as you use it.

Plus "+" pride changes the concept of entry class. One that fulfills the angler's ideal and can be loved for a long time.

BASS ONE has a long history as an entry class that anyone can easily pick up. In that long genealogy, there is one that transcends the concept of entry.

The enthusiasm that the development team has had for many years is generously poured into it, and it embodies a commitment that transcends class. The newly engraved "+" is proof of that.

A bath rod that can be used for a long time, not only because of its performance, but also because it fits in your hand the more you use it. That is the BASS ONE XT+.


A line-up of unique tone that breaks the common sense of entry class.

In bass fishing, the required performance is increasingly subdivided, such as the operability of heavy lures such as big baits, and the delicate tips to capture reluctant bass with lightweight lures, and appropriate individuality is required for rods. BASS ONE XT+, which was reborn under the theme of "Putting commitment beyond the entry class", has a lineup of 3 types of special tone that generously introduced the tone know-how cultivated in each series of Shimano bass rods. Experience the “joy of realizing your ideal approach,” which has been difficult to achieve in entry-level classes.


Newly adopted reel seat design that is light, highly sensitive and easy to cast.

Reel seats and grips are important parts that connect anglers, rods, and reels. In order to enhance its basic performance, Shimano's unique carbon fiber reinforced resin CI4+, which is used for bicycle parts and high-end model rods, is used for the reel seat. Light weight and excellent sensitivity greatly exceed the standard of the basic model so far. The grip part is a new specification that puts EVA materials with different hardness in the right place with the theme of "easy to cast for everyone". Reliable gripping supports the improvement of offensive accuracy.

Gray and black are used as the base colors, and gold is used as a one-point color that gives off a casual sense of luxury. The bait model is combined with BASS ONE XT and the spinning model with SAHARA to achieve a systematic and uniform appearance. The attention to detail goes down to the smallest detail. In the previous work, the mouth winding part (#1, #2V) was only protected by carbon material, but a bobbin finish is applied to minimize the color change at the joint part. The appearance also has a commitment to feel the "+".


CI4+ is a further evolution of Shimano's original CI4 material reinforced with carbon fiber. It is characterized by being lighter and having higher strength than conventional resin.