Shimano AD Pliers RH TYPE-F

Shimano AD Pliers RH TYPE-F

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Both the basic functions required for pliers and scissors for PE are compatible. Rust-resistant type with fluorine coating.

Model with enhanced rust resistance with fluorine coating. Consolidates the functions of pliers and scissors into one, contributing to the minimization of tackle. In addition to the basic functions such as ring opener and hook removal required for pliers, sleeve caulking and lure eye tune are possible. In addition, by adopting a stainless steel plate material, we have realized a cutting function that feels similar to a scissors for exclusive use of PE. Compact when stored with handle lock function. There is also a drop-off prevention hole at the end of the grip that allows the cord to pass through.

Pliers that combine a ring opener and a PE line cutter into one.

"AD Pliers RH" is a multi-functional pliers that can perform sleeve caulking and lure tuning in addition to the basic functions of pliers such as ring opener and hook removal. In particular, the scissors are designed with a focus on the ease of cutting the PE line, which is the mainstream in lure fishing these days.

The secret to the easy cutting of the PE line lies in the combination of the "rubbing structure" and the "serration blade". First of all, the “rubbing structure” is a structure in which the blades are rubbed against each other to cut, like common scissors. This is suitable for cutting fibers, so it works well with PE lines. The "push cutting structure" that cuts so that the blades are aligned is comparable to this, but as a result of verifying compatibility with the PE line, "AD Pliers RH" adopted a "scraping structure" that is more compatible.

Next is the "serration blade", which is a blade that has been jagged. By applying processing in this way, the PE line becomes less slippery between the two blades. In combination with the "fraying structure" that makes it easy to cut the fibers, it makes it easier to cut the PE line.

Next, the ring opener at the tip corresponds to #1 to #5 size split rings. This is a size that is often used for lures for sea bass and flounder, and is characterized by being able to be used at an angle that is easy to work with.

The "AD Pliers RH" are also equipped with two eye tuners of different sizes. Even if the lure does not swim straight, such as when the lure suddenly hits the structure, it can be adjusted easily and quickly.

The lock parts, which can be opened and closed quickly, were carefully designed so that they can be operated with one hand. If you hold the pliers in your right hand, you can use your thumb to lock the opening and closing with a single touch. We aimed for a structure that is easy to use even if one hand is blocked by a fish grip.

"AD Pliers RH" also has a lineup of fluorine-coated types that are more resistant to rust. These pliers are originally made of rust-resistant stainless steel material, but by applying fluorine processing, they are even more resistant to rust. In the image above, the left one has fluorine processing. The one on the right is without fluorine processing. In both cases, the pliers were soaked in seawater for 10 days to verify how much the rust changes over time. You can see that the one with fluorine processing is more resistant to rust. Especially for those who are planning to use it for salt games, we recommend the fluorinated type.