Shimano 22/23 Ocea Conquest

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The evolution of smooth, strong, and maneuvers continues.
Ocea Conquest is a double-axis reel for offshore that brings together Shimano's reel technology to improve toughness, smoothness, and operability. The precise micro-module gear, robust HAGANE body, and highly durable internal parts combine to create a smooth and powerful hoist that continues to support anglers' offshore games. In order to raise its performance to a higher level, the new model is equipped with an infinity drive to improve the sensitivity as well as the lightness and strength of the winding. Furthermore, waterproof performance and durability are improved by installing X protection. In addition, the newly installed NEW fall lever has a new shape that emphasizes the fit, and quickly and accurately controls the sinking speed of the device. A revolutionary new mechanism that incorporates a one-way roller bearing in the fall lever mechanism eliminates the weight of winding caused by the tension applied by the fall lever. In addition to the 300PG and 300HG lineup, a new model 300XG equipped with a high-speed gear with a maximum winding length of 101cm has been added. The thicker iron wall lineup strongly supports offshore game strategies.

key feature
stronger and smoother. Ocea Conquest's endless journey to greater heights.

The offshore scene that has challenged many impossible and realized it so far. A long time ago, big fish were only a dream, fishing methods to get them, equipment and means to go to unexplored regions. Over the years, the overflowing passion has turned dreams into goals, and finally, they have come to fruition. Fishing tackle is the final piece to complete such logic. Only tools that have cleared all the functions necessary to achieve the goal invite cutting-edge anglers to the unknown world. Ossia Conquest pioneered the modern offshore game that makes full use of the light line, and is a male of the double-axis reel that still evolves together. In the process of seeking deeper water depths and larger fish, we have responded to the angler's request each time by responding to the tackle system that is lightened in inverse proportion. Of course, as long as there are new requests from anglers, the challenge to clear them will continue. Stronger and smoother than now. There is no end to the journey of Ocea Conquest, which aims for far-flung heights that no one has ever seen.

Model Gear ratio Maximum drag force (Kg) Weight (g) Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm) Yarn amount PE (No.-m) Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle) Handle length (mm) Number of bearings BB/roller
300PG 4.8 8 350 43/22 1.5-500,2-380,3-250 65 75 9 / 2
301PG 4.8 8 350 43/22 1.5-500,2-380,3-250 65 75 9 / 2
300HG 6.2 7.5 355 43/22 1.5-500,2-380,3-250 84 75 9 / 2
301HG 6.2 7.5 355 43/22 1.5-500,2-380,3-250 84 75 9 / 2
300XG 7.5 7 355 43/22 1.5-500,2-380,3-250 84 75 9 / 2
301XG 7.5 7 355 43/22 1.5-500,2-380,3-250 84 75 9 / 2