Sabiki Finger Dehooker

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You can quickly remove the needle with one hand while wearing it on your finger.

① Hang the needle on the arm (steel wire) above the fish and pull it to the needle
② Stretch the thread horizontally to turn the needle sideways 

④ Play the fish with your index finger etc. to complete the needle removal!

Sabiki Finger Dehooker's new concept needle remover that can be attached to the thumb!

  • The compact design allows fishing work such as throwing in and reeling while wearing it!
  • You can easily remove the needle with one hand without grabbing the caught fish. The rework is dramatically speeded up and the dirt on the hands other than the fingertips is minimized.
  • Since you do not touch it with your bare hands except around the snout of the fish, damage to the fish body can be minimized. It is especially useful when you want to keep the fishing fish alive, such as securing bait for swimming fishing.
  • The arm part of the needle removal is an exquisite shape that thoroughly pursues the needle removal mechanism based on ergonomics! Compatible with various fish regardless of the shape of the needle and how it hangs on the fish!
  • Considering the dominant hand of each individual, we have a lineup of target shapes for right and left hands! There are 2 finger sizes!
  • It is especially effective in several fishing of sea and freshwater sabiki such as horse mackerel, sardines, smelt, and small sweetfish!

 * Fish whose needles have been completely swallowed cannot be removed.
* Do not use for poisonous fishing such as devil stinger or sharp-toothed fish such as barracuda.