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Bucket mouse series, tilted sliding rod stand exclusively for Langan system box. Unlike conventional stands, the stand has a high degree of freedom, including the "Standard Style" in which it stands upright, the "Slide Style" in which the stand falls down in a bowing position, and the "Free Style" in which the stand can be mounted on either the back or the side. It has become.
If you place the rod during the bowing slide style, it will be much easier to change the device and rearrange the knots, and there are other benefits such as the line is less likely to get tangled in the tip. Furthermore, both sides of the stand body are equipped with multipurpose holders that can attach optional parts such as lure holders, Oricon link holders, and multi-boards, so you can customize it as you like.

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Bucket mouse series, Langan BOX series, side pocket BM-120