HARDCORE SHAD 75SF 75mm (R1367)

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A versatile shad that has both diving power and dirt properties.

New magnet center of gravity movement system International Patent adopted

Adopts triple mirror body

Adopts new friction lip

Stress-free use is possible for both spinning and baiting.

Great effect during low water temperatures!!

  • New magnet center of gravity movement system

    International Patent

    Duel's original center of gravity movement mechanism combines the advantages of a fixed center of gravity that provides high action response and stable swimming performance with a center of gravity movement that promises overwhelming flight distance and casting accuracy with a 20% increase in magnetic force.

  • weight hold cup

    The center of gravity moves to suppress the play of the ball and increase action response. At the same time, unnecessary rattle sounds are eliminated, allowing for a more natural approach.
    *The number of weight balls varies depending on the specifications.

  • triple mirror body

    Three different mirror structures provide a variety of appeals that stimulate the predatory instincts of black bass.

  • new friction lip

    Adopts a "new friction lip" that completely separates the lip plate from the body via the stay.
    This lip catches the slightest resistance and releases excess water flow, achieving both "rapid diving performance" and "amazing underwater maneuverability."
    You can also perform sliding darts and kickbacks at will.

order number size weight ring size hook size Flying distance range type price

R1367- slow floating

Size 75mm


Flying distance 30m+α

Range 3m