Protrust LED Compact Headlight PT-6020

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Protrust LED compact headlight PT-6020 (headlight headlamp)

■ Main body: Drip-proof specification

■ The battery used: 3 AAA batteries (with test battery)

■ Lighting time: Main mode (1 LED ball) Approximately 8 hours, Hand mode (COB 2 balls) about 10 hours, full light mode (1 + 2 balls) about 5 hours (when using AAA batteries) << Protrust headlight headlamp >>

Power Source Battery operated
Light Source Type LED
Brand Protrust
Brightness 80 lm


3-step changeover switch

● Brightness 80 lumens (1 main mode LED ball)

● Switchable to hand mode (2 left and right COB) that is easy to work with when replacing work in process

● 3-step changeover switch (main mode/hand mode / all light mode)