Meiho Stocker BM-3020 / 3020D

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Size: 255 × 145 × 60 mm

Size: 255 × 145 × 45 mm

Material Body: Polycarbonate resin
12 variable dividers

Metal jigs, hard lures, and egi can be stored upright for each partition.
The internal height is set at a low 106mm, making it ideal for storing metal accessories.
Not only lures but also worms and gimmicks can be stored, so you can keep things organized.

Can be attached to the multipurpose holders of the Bucket Mouse Series and Langan BOX Series, and the Multi Holders BM-25 and 30.

The joint system that connects the stockers is used, so that it has excellent stability in the box, and exhibits the performance of the inner case sufficiently.

Can be stored in BM-9000 / BM-7000 / BM-5000 / VS-7080 / VS-7070・ Can be mounted on VS-7055, VW-2070, VW-2055, and multi-holder BM-25, BM-30

*Other accessories shown in photos are for illustration. Those are not included.